The envy of fighting cock breeders around the world
   Manny  Dalipe's game farm in Zamboanga City is not only the envy among the top fighting cock breeders in the world, it was made famous worldwide with the Zamboanga White, a new breed of winning rooster produced from his farm which is situated in the mountains of La Paz, west of the city.
    U.S.-based breeder Rey Alexander was so impressed when he visited the farm not too long ago.

  Manny have fought his roosters in almost every cockpit in the Philippines and he carries a good record of winning and also became champion in most derbies.
In fact, many big-time fighting cock owners from around the world don't like to fight their roosters against Manny's Zamboanga White or other top winners from his

  There are 2,000 to 3,000 roosters and hens on his farm, according to Manny.
   He quickly points out that he's not a gambler, but someone who enjoys breeding fighting cocks. It is a well-known fact among gallera afficionados that even top cockers in the country have bought many of their fighting cocks from Manny Dalipe's farm.

   We're proud of Manny Dalipe for putting Zamboanga City in the world map because of his "Zamboanga White."
   The bottom line is: If it's from Manny Dalipe's farm, you bet it's a sure winner!

Marvi Dalipe and a prized 'Zamboanga White" from dad's farm
Manny Dalipe is a widely-recognized name in Zamboanga politics. However, he
is more popular natiowide and worldwide because of his "Zamboanga White" breed of fighting cocks. Manny's "Zamboanga White" has placed Zamboanga City in the world map of cockfighting. Above photo shows beautiful daughter Marvi Dalipe, 17, a nursing student at the Makati Medical Center in Manila, holding a prized Zamboanga White at her dad's breeding farm in La Paz, Zamboanga City. 

Cord Area

Cord Area

Pre-Con Area

Some of the trophies won by Manny's fighting cocks
Above photo shows some of the trophies won by Manny's fighting cocks. Proudly
standing before them are six of the farm staff.