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An international caliber photo-
journalist, AL JACINTO is L.A. Zamboanga Times' bureau
chief in Zamboanga City. Al is also L.A. Times' special corres-
pondent in Southern Philip-


Charlie is a Zamboangue
photojournalist based in Manila. (CLICK HERE)

* History Awaits US Soldiers in Sulu    CLICK HERE


The History of the Moros
By Vic Hurley


This was the final front page layout --- designed by John (Boboy) Shinn III, founder & editor of L.A. Zamboanga Times --- of the maiden issue (May 1-7, 1996) of The Indep-
endent Obser ver
, a weekly newspaper and sister publi-
cation of L.A. Zamboanga Times---that was never publi-
shed. It was to be printed and distributed in Zamboanga City. CLICK HERE


* Philippine President Arroyo's 'Nasty Little War' in Sulu

Southern Philippines: A Recipe For Violence   CLICK HERE

* The Evolution of Philippine Muslim Insurgency    

* Looking For Peace in the Land of the Abu Sayyaf   


When Uncle Sam Comes Marching In   




Professor Thomas McKenna,
author of, "Muslim Rulers and Rebels: Everyday Politics and Armed Separatism in the Southern Philippines."


"I love the nightlife in Zamboanga"
By Willie Chiong
as told to JOHN L. SHINN III

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Zamboanga General Hospital School of Nursing
Photo by TITONG SAN JUAN / LAZT Managing Editor                         
ZGHSN members in Southern California pose for pictures during a meeting
early this year in preparation for their convention in San Diego in June this

Titong San Juan appointed LAZT Managing Editor
     L.A. Zamboanga Times founder and editor, John L. Shinn III said over the weekend that he has appointed Titong San Juan as the online newspaper's new Managing Editor.
     "Titong is the best person for this position," Shinn said. He made the announcement after meeting with San Juan during the annual picnic of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California (ZHCSC) in Cerritos, Calif.
last Saturday, May 26.

<>Hollywood Paparazzis follow Britney wherever she goes!
<> Photos and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III /
<> Britney Spears and her cousin Ali driving around town

Photos by JOHN L. SHINN III /
NBC's Chuck Henry and Hollywood Paparazzis
LAZT Founder & Editor
        SAN DIEGO --- As pro-immigrant protesters started to gather near the L.A. City Hall last Tuesday, May 1, just after 1 p.m., I was in a convoy of about 15 SUVs (sport utility vehicle) driven by Hollywood paparazzis following Britney Spear's tour bus to San Diego where she was to perform (at the House of Blues) for the first time in three years---after giving birth to two, a divorce and a brief stint at rehab.
      Outside the House of Blues in San Diego I met NBC's Chuck Henry (above two photos) and could not resist not to have my picture taken with him. I used
to watch his show (Eye on L.A.) and loved his style which is informational as well
as educational. Chuck was there to do a story on Britney's first comeback performance.
       As we waited for Britney to finish her 14-minute performance, Chuck came up with this crazy idea wherein the paparazzis would pretend to take his picture and Chuck and his female companion would pretend they did not want to have their picture taken.
      We all had fun that night. Britney (seen above with her cousin Ali) perfor-
med a rather impressive set. And all the paparazzis had the chance to take her picture again as she left the House of Blues and later in the night as she was arriving home. 

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III /              LARGER VERSION
Millionaires they're not, but they got the best view of L.A.
  These construction workers may not be earning millions like the owner of this house in Hollywood Hills where they are working, but they sure got the best
view of Los Angeles during their lunch break in this photo taken Tuesday,
March 27. In the background is downtown L.A.'s skyscrapers.

ousands of protesters marched the streets of Hollywood Saturday, March 17, commemorating the 4th year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq (the actual invasion date was March 20, 2003). In a statement, the rally organizer, An-, said hundreds and thousands of Iraqis have been killed, while al-
most 3,200 U.S. troops have died in the four-year war. "The war is costing $280-million per day, or $12-million per hour," the statement said.     

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles
This massive structure is called the "Mother of all Catholic Churches" in Los Angeles (population: 9.3 million and comprising 77 cities and municipalities) where there are 287 parish churches serving 4 million Catholics. The Cathe-
dral was built at the cost of $189.7-million on 5.6 acres of land. Dedication at
the site was done on September 2002 and Spanish architect Jose Rafael Moneo designed this modern structure which stands 12-stories high and can accomo-
date more than 3,000 worshippers at any one time. The entire complex is
58,000 square feet. According to the cathedral's website "every detail of its construction was specified to last at least 500 years"---or till 2502. At the mausoleum in the basement of the church, I saw an engraved marking on the marble wall that said: "Cathedral Time Capsule 2002....To Be Opened in 2102.

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
  HOMELESS IN AMERICA: 11 Million Americans are Homeless
  Homelessness is one problem America can't seem to solve. In greater Los Angeles alone---comprising 77 cities and municipalities---there are 82,291 homeless residents (or 2.4%) out of the total population of 9,336,361. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says there are 11
million Americans ---that's roughly about 3.3% of the U.S. population---who
are homeless and according to the U.S. Census Bureau, America's population
now stands at 301,357,607. On the national average, 12.4% of Americans are poor---meaning a family of three (with one child) only makes $14,810 in com-
bined income a year. Below that amount is considered "living below the pover-
ty line." Photo shows a homeless Angeleno pushing a shopping cart with his
personal belongings on the streets of Hollywood, just blocks from the multi-
million dollar homes of the city's rich and famous.

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Esther Medallo-Rodriguez: A Successful Veterinarian in L.A.
Esther Medallo-Rodriguez, right, owns Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Montclair,
Calif. She started her career in veterinary medicine in Zamboanga City. She continued working as a veterinarian after she arrived in Los Angeles in the
early 1970s. By 1986, Esther opened her own clinic. Her husband, Sonny Rodri-
guez, is a retired Los Angeles police officer. Next to the animal hospital, Sonny and Esther have a dance studio popular among ballroom dancing afficionados.
By the way, Esther is also president of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Sou-
thern California (ZHCSC).


Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
The Battle for the Hearts & Minds of Filipino Muslims in Sulu
A Filipino muslim girl holds a book handed out by US soldiers late last year in
Jolo in the Sulu Archipelago in Southern Philippines. American and Filipino
troops are presently conducting a joint military exercise in the area called "Balikatan 2007." At the same time, US forces have been doing humanitarian work in Sulu: giving free medical check-ups and medicines, building schools, roads, bridges as well as distributing books and school supplies to children.

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Homeless in Los Angeles and Too Far From Home
Against the backdrop of bikers, strollers, palm trees and white sand---a group
of transients try to get some sleep under the early morning sun in Venice Beach, California. Many come to Los Angeles, lured by the glitter of Hollywood and the
laid back life in the coastal communities. A number of them end up living in
the streets, too far from home and, probably, too ashamed to go back to their hometown so soon without achieving their dreams in the City of Angels.

    Former Ateneo de Zamboanga University high school teacher Alfonso A. Magadia passed away last February 16 in Zamboanga City. He taught at AdeZU from 1960 to 1985. Mr. Magadia was laid to rest February 20 at the Sta. Cruz cemetery.          Reported by CHITO IGNACIO from Florida

Date: 11 Feb 2007, 06:25:30 PM
Victims of 'Extortion' by Garden Orchid Hotel
   My American husband and I just came back from a vacation in Zamboanga City, my hometown. What we looked forward to as a memorable trip turned
into a very horrible and terrifying experience for both of us.
    We were visiting my family and we were staying at the Garden Orchid Hotel. After our second day, a member of the hotel staff threatened to have us killed
if we did not give them 50,000 pesos. 
    For my husband's safety and protection, since he is an American, we had to cut our trip short by nine days and pay extra money just to come home sooner.
    This incident was reported to the local police in Zamboanga City and the local media also made a news report of what happened. As of this writing we are still waiting to find out if the police are going to take action against the Garden Orchid Hotel staffers involved in this extortion incident.
   I was able to identify one of the employees involved to the hotel management and the police department---the man that I gave the money ($500 because this was the only amount I had with me at that time) to.
   I just would like you to be able to pass this information on to your readers for their protection. Please feel free to call me or email me back for more infor-

Thank you,
Terry & Pilar Dickerson
Costa Mesa, California

EDITOR'S REPLY: What happened to Terry & Pilar Dickerson of Costa Mesa, Calif. during their vacation in our city was not only terrifying, but down-
right embarassing and it gives our city and people a very big "black eye."

   Garden Orchid Hotel owner Ben Go I'm sure will never tolerate having these kind of people ('extortionists') running his hotel being a respected businessman in the city.
   I talked to Pilar on the phone and she promised us she will write a de-
tailed story as to what really happened to them and how they lost $500
to those Garden Orchid Hotel staffers involved in the extortion racket.

   However, until this matter is resolved, and the suspects are charged ---
or until Garden Orchid Hotel owner Ben Go can assure the safety of his future guests ---
  L.A. Zamboanga Times is advising its readers NOT to
stay at the Garden Orchid
Hotel when they visit our city---for their own safety.

A Classic Inspired by the Late Filipino Cartoonist Larry Alcala
   During the 2002 Christmas party of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California here in Los Angeles, I took around 200 pic-
tures. After editing the images when I got home, I chose 25 pictures that would best tell the story about the party that night.
    As I was re-sizing the photos before posting them to our website, the thought of "A Slice of Life" by Larry Alcala --- the famed Filipino cartoonist  --- suddenly came to mind.
    Alcala's style
--- he would draw crowded neighborhood scenes and then insert his image somewhere in his drawing for his readers to look for --- became very popular and was featured at the back page of Panorama magazine every Sunday.
    Inspired by Alcala, I did in my pictures I took during the Christmas party what Alcala did to his cartoons. Now, I challenge our readers to spot me wearing a red shirt and a beige Kangol cap (see photo above) among the crowd in many of the pictures that I posted that night. The images can be viewed by clicking here.

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
FABIANO IHA: 7 Times Mixed Martial Arts World Champion
He may seem like any regular muscular guy who pumps iron to stay in shape
and impress the ladies. But watch out! Fabiano Iha is no ordinary mortal. He
has actually won seven world titles in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sport. Po-
pularized by cable TV's pay-per-view series called the Ultimate Fighting Cham-
pionship (UFC), the bloody sport is fast gaining momentum in America.  Visit Fabiano's Site

Serioso Y Pendehadas: Website Worth Reviving   CLICK HERE

AdeZU Holds National Confab on Tausug Heritage  CLICK HERE

Abu Sayyaf Defectors Talk of Life On The Run    CLICK HERE

From: "Irvin J Gelb" <>
Date:  08 Feb 2007
My mom, 78, needs a Filipina caregiver...
   My mother, age 78, needs a part time caregiver and she wants her to be of Filipino descent. She had a wonderful Filipino lady working with her before who she loved and she insists on getting someone of similar descent.
   We live in West Los Angeles near Century City. Can you give me some refe-
rences or people to call who can help me?

Thank you very much,
Irvin Gelb

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Spectacular Sky & Ocean View at the Malibu Lagoon
Lately, I've been fortunate enough to be able to drive around the beach com-
munities here in Los Angeles. And, if time permits, I usually park my truck
and lug around my cameras to shoot breathtaking sceneries that I see so I
can share them with our readers. This photo was taken Monday, Feb. 19 at
the Malibu Lagoon next to the Adamson House, a state park in Malibu, Calif.

    If my bestfriend Ricky Valderrama Lopez-Vito was alive today he would have turned 46 this Sunday, Feb. 18. Happy Birthday Ric...You'll always be in my heart & mind...BOBOY
Read the story of our 'extraordinary friendship'

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
Joint US-Philippines Military Exercise in Sulu Starting Feb. 18
A U.S. soldier guides a trailer driver in the southern Philippine island of Jolo, where thousands of U.S. and Filipino troops are to start a joint military drill called Balikatan 2007 on Sunday, Feb. 18. Washington offered up to $10 million bounty for the capture of Indonesian Jemaah Islamiya bomber Dulmatin, who
is believed to be hiding on Jolo island, about 950 kilometers south of Manila.
Dulmatin was reportedly the brains behind the 2002 bombing in Bali, Indonesia that killed over 200 people, 77 of them Australian tourists.

Philippines' Abu Sayyaf Going To Hollywood?    CLICK HERE


Father Sanz was an Ateneans' Jesuit Priest. He made you laugh...He played soccer with you and your team...Most of all, you knew he really cared for you...We'll miss him...     CLICK HERE

Surfing in Malibu, California   CLICK HERE

Christian Science Monitor Report from Jolo  CLICK HERE

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Guess Who We Saw Lately? Jimmy Lim and his Kids!
It's been a while since we last saw Jimmy Lim, my compadre, and son of Ro-
salio Lim of the famed Asiana Arts and Victory Studio in Zamboanga City. We bumped into him and his two kids at the Thai BBQ restaurant in Glendale,
Calif. one recent afternoon.

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Who Is This Mystery Beauty in Venice Beach, California?
I saw her seating on the sand by herself watching the waves and the seagulls.
When she turned around I sensed a deep sadness inside her which was reflec-
ted on her face. Was she waiting for her date who never showed up? Or was
she there simply to enjoy the cool sea breeze and have peace of mind? A few
minutes later, she stood up, grabbed her sandals and slowly walked away to-
wards the Venice Beach horizon---never to be seen again.  MORE VENICE BEACH PHOTOS

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Downtown Los Angeles Skyline On A Beautiful Day
This is the view one would see driving northbound on the 110 Harbor Freeway
passing through downtown Los Angeles on a clear day.


'Jihadist In Paradise' 
'To Catch A Terrorist' CLICK HERE
From the Atlantic Online Magazine   


Photos courtesy of
JOLO: 'This Is the War on Terror. Wish You Were Here!'
New York-based reporter JOHN FALK and photographer ANTONIN KRATOCHVIL visited Jolo in the Sulu Archipelago to write a story about US troops helping
Philippine soldiers battle the Abu Sayyaf, a Filipino Muslim extremist group with close links to the al-Qaeda. Falk described Jolo as "the deadly island battlefield where America is actually winning the war [on terror]."

PINOY JOKES....AUTHOR: UNKNOWN   (Thanks to John Atilano)

    Three contractors are bidding to fix the White House fence. One from the Philippines, another from Mexico and an American.
    They go with a White House official to examine the fence. The American contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works
some figures with a pencil.

    "Well," he says. "I figure the job will run about $900: $400 for materials,
$400 for my crew and $100 profit for me."

    The Mexican contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says,
"I can do $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me."
    The Filipino contractor doesn't measure or figure, but leans over to the
White House official and whispers: "$2,700."

    The official, incredulous, says, " What? You didn't even measure like the
other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure?" "How do you expect me to consider your service with that bid?"

    "Easy," the Pinoy explains, "$1,000 for you, $1,000 for me and we hire the
guy from Mexico."

Q. What's the difference between corruption in the US and corruption in
the Philippines ?

A. In the U.S. they go to jail.. In the Philippines, they go to the U.S.

The three presidents of the Philippines:
Q. What's the difference among Cory, Gloria and Erap?
A. Cory can't tell a lie. Gloria can't tell the truth. Erap can't tell the difference.

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
MNLF rebels release senior military, defense officials
Philippine government peace adviser Secy. Jesus Dureza, left, gestures Sunday 04 Feb 2007 besides Southern Philippine military chief Lt. Gen. Eugenio Cedo, inside an air force base in Zamboanga City as freed hostages Defense Under Secy. Ramon Santos, 3rd from left, and Marine Maj. Gen. Mohamad Dolorfino, right, listen during a press conference.

LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief

     ZAMBOANGA CITY (Al Jacinto / 04 Feb) --- Philippine Muslim rebels freed Sunday a defense official and a marine general along with soldiers they seized after a peace meeting on the troubled island of Jolo, about 950 km south of the country.
    Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) rebels under Habier Malik and Khaid Ajibun have held since Friday Major General Mohamad Dolorfino, of the Phi-
lippine Marines; Colonels Davy Ramon and Sibayan, of the Philippine Army; Defense Undersecretary Ramon Santos and 21 soldiers and staff of Presiden-
tial peace adviser, Jesus Dureza.

   "General Dolorfino, Undersecretary Santos and all members of the Office of
the Presidential Assistant and their security team have boarded two helicopters. In other words, they are already out of the MNLF camp on their way here. They will fly back to Manila," said Brigadier General Juancho Sabban, commander of the 3rd Marine Brigade in Jolo island.

Who's Spending Your Neighborhood Council Money?
An investigative report by Highland Park News/Eagle Rock Post investigative reporter JOHN L. SHINN III.       CLICK HERE

Photo by VICTORIA CALAGUIAN / LAZT Photo Archive
MNLF's Nur Misuari and LAZT's John L. Shinn III in Jolo in '96
L.A. Zamboanga Times' John L. Shinn III, left, covered the 1996 peace talks between the MNLF and the Philippine government in Zamboanga City. Shinn
did an extensive interview with Misauri, right, and both met again when Shinn visited an MNLF camp in Indanan, Sulu (where the photo above was taken) that year before going back to Los Angeles.

An Anti-War Protest Rally in Los Angeles     CLICK HERE

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
Filipino Muslim militants on the run in Southern Philippines
A Philippine Air Force C-130 cargo plane transporting government troops flies past a U.S. Army convoy on Thursday, January 25, in the island of Jolo, where security forces are pursuing two Indonesian Jemaah Islamiya bombers, Dulmatin and Umar Patek, and Abu Sayyaf militants who are protecting the two men, tagged as behind the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Zamboanga's famous 'Bagon Guisado' now in US Market
The other day, I went to our local Asian market in West Covina, Calif. and was surprised to find Zamboanga's famous "Bagon Guisado" on the shelf! We all
know by now that Zamboanga is the "Sardine Capital of the Philippines." This
12 ounce delicacy is selling for $1.89 ---- or 92 pesos and 51 centavos --- and is on its way of giving our hometown the distinction of being the "Bagon Guisado Capital of the Philippines!"

The Shinns of L.A. (top); First Cousins Get-Together (above)
FIRST COUSINS. From left to right: John-John (Tony), Martin (Archie), Junie (Joseph), Andrew (Archie), LAZT's Boboy (John Jr.), Binky (Francis), Zeller (Archie), Mark (Charles) and Chris (Archie). Photo was taken at the Church of Incarnation in Glendale after the first death anniversary Mass of their grand-
mother, Lurding Atilano-Shinn, last Sunday, January 28.  NOTE: Names in parenthesis are their father's names.

One year death anniversary Mass for Lurding Shinn at the Church of the Incarnation in Glendale, Calif.
at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 28

   The Shinns of Los Angeles are inviting everyone to join them
for the one year death anniversary Mass for Lourdes (Lurding) Atilano-Shinn to be held at the Church of the Incarnation in Glendale, Calif. at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 28.
   The church is located at: 1001 North Brand Blvd., Glendale, California 91202.   CLICK HERE FOR MAP & DIRECTIONS

Photo and caption by BARB RODRIGUEZ / Zamboanga Hermosa Vancouver, B.C.
News from Zamboanga Hermosa-Vancouver, British Columbia
Special to LAZT
VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA --- Zamboanga Hermosa - Vancouver held its annual get-together on October 14 last year at the local Catholic Center in White Rock, British Columbia.The event was a potluck party and included longtime residents and newcomers to Vancouver.  
   Prayers in honor of La Virgen del Pilar, as well as an impromptu dance and entertainment liven up the occasion.  The current set of officers has volunteered to serve another year.  The officers are:  President: Noemi Medina Rodriguez; Vice-Pres.:  Kim Luistro;  Secretary:  Linda Fernandez Skinner;  Treasurer: Paz Atilano Villacrusis; Advisors & Activities Coordinators:  Julie Cabato Pinlac,
Jessica Enriquez Noone and Vicente 'Nonoy'  Cruz.     LARGER PICTURE

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT'          -TapirSaver-

Anti-war and anti-Bush protesters have been passing out this bill during their weekly rallies throughout the greater Los Angeles area.  LARGER PICTURE


From: "eva" <>
Date: 08 Dec 2006, 04:10:29 AM
I'm proud of my cousin Alex Mabalot!
   Congratulations for being one of the top policeman in the country! Alex is
my cousin and I am proud of him!
Eva Torralba-Dunkelman
New York

Date: 17 Dec 2006, 11:42:40 PM
Happy New Year from Vancouver, British Columbia!
    Felices Pascua Y Prospero Año Nuevo to you and your family.
    We in Vancouver are big fans of L.A. Zamboanga Times. It is one thing that keeps us connected to our Zamboangueño brothers and sisters despite the hard work and pressures living in a foreign land. Keep up the good work and more POWER
to L.A. Zamboanga Times!

Muchas Gracias,
Carlo Alabata
Vancouver, British Columbia

Date: 21 Jan 2007, 10:32:39 AM
Letter from a thankful LAZT reader in Germany
   Just to let you now I'm one of the many thankful Chabacano readers of L.A. Zamboanga Times around the globe who cherish his Zamboanga heritage.
   Thanks for keeping up the good work.
Jerome Gutierrez

From: Danilo Escabarte <>
Date: 14 Jan 2007, 10:43:18 PM
A Basileño wants to get in touch with Joey Tugung
    Un saludo de paz! 
    I am Danilo C. Escabarte from Basilan, but presently working in Davao City
as Communications Officer of the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP). I covered the whole of Mindanao when it comes to news and information about PBSPs projects for poor children and communities. 
    May I seek your assistance to help me get in touch with sir Joey Tugung: he
is a friend and my boss when I joined them at the office of former Congress-
woman Elnorita Pamaran-Tugung in Basilan.
    The e-mail address that was given to me is incorrect. I want to communicate with him through e-mail. Pabor ayuda comigo por medio del du ustedez network alli na US
    This is my e-mail address: and celfone number 0921-909-4885. I wish to have his e-mail address too.
    Muchisimas gracias y vaya con Dios!
Con sinceridad,
Danilo C. Escabarte
PBSP-Mindanao Regional Operations
Davao City, Philippines

From: Arquiza Nini <>
Date: 11 Jan 2007, 01:26:51 AM
Buenas from L&M Transcript Solutions in Zamboanga City!
Querido Señor Editor, 
    Buenas dias!
    Por parte del L&M Transcript Solutions, Inc., ta saluda yo con ustedes un Prospero Año Nuevo!
    O hala que este año 2007 ay lleva kanaton todo abundansya, buen salud y paz.  Quiere yo informa por medio de este e-mail con el diaton mga querido Zamboangueño que ta esta na Estados Unidos que el Ciudad de Zamboanga
tiene ya un establisimiento de negosyo que ta ofrese servicio de Medical Transcription. 
    Este el primero na industria de BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) que ya estabilisi aqui na diaton Ciudad Hermosa. El L&M Transcript Solutions, Inc.
ta roga mucho que ay puede kame sirbi con el maga institusyon medical y
maga professional medical de Estados Unidos con buen qualidad servicio y
presyo afordable. 
    En este mga tiempo, tiene kame el capacidad para servi 5000 lines per day
of medical transcription jobs of various types. El maga dedicao servidores que
ya optene el necesario training y experience preparao ya para resibi el actual trabaho.
    Quiere tambien kame propone con aquellos maga interesao projimo talyi na US quien tiene el capacidad para man negosyo por medyo de quedar un account broker. 
    Grande oportunidad para man earn aqui na medical transcription por causa asegun con el situacion alyi, palta el maga profesional medical transcriptionists.  Tambien ay puede sila menora el gastos si ay dale sila el trabaho na maga igual kanamon apuera del nation US. 
    El un account broker posible ay puede tiene commission na valor de 1-2 cents per line por causa alyi el rate per line is 10-12 or even 14 cents per line. Hende yo asigurao si sierto ba este mga rates. O hala que puede tambien ustedes manda sabe kanamon aserka del industry alyi. 
    Aqui kanamon, kame ta ofrese el diamon servicio na 6 cents per line (US currency). Ay dale yo mas detalye na maga siguiente e-mail que ay imbia yo
con ustedes. El idea de account broker hinde lang un oportunidad de negosyo, tambien un oportunidad para contribui na progreso del diaton Ciudad de Zamboanga. 
    Ta roga tambien kame que ay puede ustedes dale kanamon mas detalye aserka del medical transcription industry alyi na America. Dentro de este mes,
ay pone kame el di amon web site para puede ustedes aprecia. 
   Por ultimo, ta saluda con ustedes todo por que vos otros masquin onde parte del mundo, ta vivi siempre como un Zamboangueño con orgullo. 
   Muchisimas Gracias!
El de ustedes servidor,
Nonito "Nini" Sanson Arquiza
Zamboanga City, Philippines

Photos and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Los Angeles City Council Election Campaign Is On!
The campaign for Los Angeles City Council elections kicked-off Saturday, Jan.
13. Jose Huizar (inset), incumbent Councilman representing District 14, laun-
ched his campaign for the March 6 elections from his headquarters in Boyle
Heights, a few miles east of downtown L.A. Among those who showed up at
the Huizar Campaign Headquarters were California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, left, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, 3rd from left.

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
Despite the War a Colorful Jolo Provincial Capitol at Night
Colored lights and fountains adore the park fronting the Sulu provincial capitol building on the pre-dominantly Muslim island of Jolo in Southern Philippines.
The beautiful facade of the mosque-inspired architecture is a favorite spot of promenaders in Jolo, about 960 kms south of Manila. This beautiful sight is
only a few miles from the raging war between Filipino Muslim militants and
the US-backed Philippine government troops under Pres. Gloria Arroyo.

Photo courtesy of RAMON LUCAS / LAZT Seattle Bureau Chief
Carmila May Lucas: Cheerleader at Curtis High School
Carmila May Lucas, youngest daughter of Ramon Lucas, LAZT Bureau Chief in
Seattle, is a junior student and cheerleader at Curtis High School, University Place, Washington. With her in the picture are Courtney and Ryan, also cheer-
leaders of Curtis High School. Mon is now stationed at the Marine Corps Base
in Yuma, Arizona doing border patrol duties.

An Open Letter To All Zamboangueños & Zamboangueñas
     Aloha from Hawaii to all your L.A. Zamboanga Times readers & their loved ones. Happy New Year!
     I'm thinking of writing about Zamboangueñas and
Zamboangueños, who have been successful in the U.S....reviewing their lives, loves, families and careers. Their life experiences & adventures abroad would be very good materials for my upcoming book project.
     Many of us back home just love to know about how many of us who have left their hometowns, are doing
in the U.S. now. Thus, I'm seeking your permission to write about you and your families in my next book. Please send me some beautiful facts about yourself, your husband, your job/career, children and your views about living in the U.S.
    Also, send me some photos I could use/print in the book. E-mail photos do not come out very nice in actual printing so you can mail me some photos to my
sister Marina Navarro's address: 87-546 Manuu St. Waianae, HI 96792-3235. Hope I can get them before I fly back home to ZC this January.
    Also kindly introduce me to any other fellow Zamboangueños/gueñas who wish to be featured in my book and would love to see that their friends & families in Zamboanga will be too happy to read about them and see the photos of their successful lives in America.
    Since you might have lots of friends living here
in USA, I hope you all can somehow help out with my research. I already have a printer, a publishing house and a contract to print books, so I can focus more on researching materials. You may also collect some data for me about the lives of our Overseas Workers and how they are making out...their happy and sad experiences and their future outlook in life maybe.Thanks a lot. God Bless you all.

Atty. Lidinila Reyes (

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Late afternoon stroll in Belmont Shore in Long Beach, Calif.
A solitary figure takes a late afternoon stroll along the beach in Belmont Shore
in Long Beach, Calif. In the background is a man-made island built to conceal
oil drilling platforms. There are over a dozen of such islands in the area.

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Chito Lopez at the Biscuits & Blues Bar in San Francisco
Chito Lopez, LAZT bureau chief in San Francisco, pose outside the Biscuits &
Blues Bar in San Francisco during my recent visit to the Bay Area.

The 2007 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California
LAZT Founder & Editor-in-Chief
     PASADENA, CALIF. --- I've always wanted to cover the Rose Parade, but for some reason none of my plans in the last several years have materialized. But this year I jumped at the opportunity to actually be there to take pictures.
     My preparation started around 10 p.m. on New Year's eve. I checked out the parade route in the Internet, got my camera gear ready and by 1:30 a.m. New Year's day I was ready to go. I knew that it was going to be cold, so I wore thermals and three layers of clothing, a scarf and a beanie.
     I arrived in Pasadena after a 20 minute drive and drove west on Colorado Boulevard. I tried to go as far west because that's where the parade will start and I wanted to position myself there so I can leave the area long before the end of the parade to avoid traffic.
     The sidewalk along the parade route on Colorado Boulevard---five-and-a-half miles---were starting to get crowded. One individual I talked to, Jesus Lopez of Bakersfield told me that his family had camped out on their spot since Friday night. "We wanted to make sure we get a good view of the parade," he said.
    On another street corner, sitting next to a barbeque grill that had firewood burning, Robert Cowen, 42, of Dearborn, Michigan said he comes to watch the parade every year and also uses the occassion to have a reunion with his family. "I grew up here in Pasadena and I have been attending the parade since I was a little kid," Cowen told L.A. Zamboanga Times. "Camping out here the night before the parade has become a family tradition for us."
     Rene Santos, a Filipino-American from Tujunga, Calif. said this is his second year to attend the parade with his wife and two children. This year, he said, three other relatives came along. Wrapped in thick woolen blankets, Santos and his relatives were killing time by playing cards, while his wife, Norma, was busy chatting on her cell phone.
     I must have walked around seven blocks from where I parked my truck. Finally around 3 a.m. I walked back to my truck and drove the seven blocks back. Once there, I found an empty parking space on the street in front of the Forever 21 store. After parking my truck, I went to sleep. I woke up shortly after 6 a.m. as it was getting cold inside my vehicle. I tried to stay warm by starting the engine and turning on the heater. After about 20 minutes, I grabbed my gear and started walking towards Pasadena Avenue.
     People from all walks of life---young and old, from across the U.S. and the world---started arriving at the parade route. The sidewalk along Colorado Boulevard is full of people by now, in some areas four to five people deep.
     At exactly 8:05 a.m. two US Air Force Jets swooped down the stretch of Colorado Boulevard signaling the start of the parade. My coverage of the 2007 Rose Parade was in itself an experience to remember. Now I know what my friend meant when he said: "You have to be there in person to enjoy the Rose Parade."  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS OF THE ROSE PARADE

A White Christmas for Zamboanga's Poor    CLICK HERE

Fr.Juan Sanz, S.J. passed away in Manila last Dec. 18 at the age of 80. Please remember him in your prayers.

VIDEO CLIP: Cockfighting in Puerto Rico      CLICK HERE

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Pasadena, Calif. Grandmothers Against The War In Iraq
For the past four years this 95-year old lady who identified herself only as "Grandma"--- in the company of several other grandmothers --- gather at the corner of Cordova Street and Lake Avenue in Pasadena, Calif. every Friday
from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. to protest the war in Iraq. "It's alright to disagree
with our government's policy in Iraq," she told L.A. Zamboanga Times. "An unjust war is not what the USA stands for." Below her protest sign are pictures
of her 20 great grandchildren.

Meet the photographers of L.A. Zamboanga Times  CLICK HERE

Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California  X'Mas Party

    LOS ANGELES --- This year the annual Christmas party of the Zamboanga Her-
mosa Club of Southern California (ZHCSC) was held at the dance studio of Sonny and Ester
Rodriguez in Montclair, California last Saturday, Dec. 9.
    More than a hundred people attended despite the heavy rain earlier in the night. As usual, food was abundant and, of course, there was dancing after the short program and dinner.
    Photo above shows L.A. Zamboanga Times' Hall of Famer beauties posing for our camera. From left: Marita Enriquez-Branchflower, Macrina Lim, Cynthia
Spirig-Hosana, Elda Lim and Merlene Bejerano.

LAZT's John L. Shinn III Assaulted at ZHCSC X'Mas Party;
He Identified His Attacker as Nonoy Lopez of Bakersfield
   LOS ANGELES --- L.A. Zamboanga Times Founder & Editor-in-Chief John L.  Shinn III was assaulted last Saturday night at the Christmas party of the Zam-
boanga Hermosa Club of Southern California (ZHCSC).
Shinn identified his attacker as Flornesto "Nonoy" Lopez of Bakersfield, Calif.
   The attack --- witnessed by over a dozen people at the party --- occured
shortly before midnight. The Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California
was founded by Shinn's grandmother Lourdes Atilano-Shinn in 1972.
   According to Shinn he was getting ready to go home when he realized that
he had not taken a picture of the people sitting on the table where the suspect was also sitting.
   Shinn said he approached the table and asked everyone if he can take their picture. At this point suspect Lopez pointed a finger at Shinn, rose from his chair and walked towards him in a threatening manner---with clenched fists.
    "The suspect (Lopez) then told me he was going 'beat' me up and 'kill' me," Shinn said. Lopez then pushed Shinn. At this juncture partygoers restrained Lopez.
    It was at this point another individual at the party approached Shinn and verbally threatened to punch him. Shinn later identified this party guest to be Gines Villa, said to be a relative of the suspect.
    "It's Christmastime and we should all be happy and enjoying the holidays," Shinn said. "For something like this to happen during a Zamboanga Hermosa Club Christmas party
---and in front of so many children who witnessed the attack---is simply unfortunate."
     Shinn had earlier taken pictures of all the guests in each table and none of
them resented to their pictures being taken (CLICK HERE TO VIEW PHOTOS).
     One of those who witnessed the assault was Camilo Abaro, the security
guard at the dance hall where the party was held.
     "Are you ok? I saw him (Lopez) push you that's when I came and intervened,"
Abaro told Shinn after the incident. As Shinn was getting into his vehicle to leave, a ranking officer of the organization---who saw what happened---came rushing out to the parking lot and "apologized" for what happened.  "Boy, sorry gayot."
     Another guest at the party told L.A. Zamboanga Times that she did not
notice the commotion until another guest told her: "Ginugulo ni Nonoy si Boboy."
    Shinn, traumatized by the incident, said he left the party immediately for fear of his safety.

UPDATE: According to Montclair police officer S. Griffin, Nonoy Lopez walked into their station Sunday, Dec. 10, and filed a complaint claiming Shinn hit him during Saturday night's incident.
   "Lopez also stated that a long time ago you called his wife a 'whore,'" Offi-
cer Griffin said, charges Shinn denies.
    For his part, Shinn told Officer Griffin that the fact that it was Lopez who stood up and walked over to him with clenched fists is a clear indication who
the aggressor was in this case.
   Also, the fact that Lopez, 73, was furious at Shinn for allegedly calling his 45-year old wife a "whore" ('Balolang' in Chabacano) only indicates there was
a reason
for Lopez to be angry and also a clear "motive" for Lopez to assault Shinn.
   Shinn filed a police complaint against Lopez with the Montclair Police De-
partment. The name of Gines Villa was also added in the complaint.

Date: 15 Dec 2006
Bueno Pa Kame Aqui na New York y New Jersey Nuay Chismis
   Bueno pa kame aqui na New York y New Jersey nuay chismis y mas bueno nuay bisinos Filipino o Zamboangueño cay si tiene bien macamiedo gayot. Gracias.
New York, New York

Date: 14 Dec 2006
Nonoy Lopez, Mate Araneta & Gines Villa Openly 'Slander' You
     I read your article about Nonoy Lopez assaulting you and Gines Villa threa-
tening physical harm to you.
     You see, this comes as no surprise to me (even if I was not at the party) because it is widely known here in our community that Nonoy Lopez, his wife Mate Araneta and Gines Villa openly "slander" you in parties and gatherings
when you are not around.
Nonoy, Mate and Gines often talk bad things and spread lies about other people in our com-
munity, too. I know because I was present when they were making chismis and liyos.
     Mate brought with her to Los Angeles---her mal cus-
from Zamboanga where everybody hated her. She does the same thing here calling people and asking what's the latest chismis.
     My advice to Nonoy, Mate and Gines is if you go to church on Sundays please
practice what you preach. Too much "hatred" in your hearts will not do your
body and soul any good. It's unhealthy and bad example to the younger gene-
     Next party time enjoy and share love to humankind. It's Christmastime for heaven's sake! Lastly, Boboy, do not stoop down to their low-life level because you've done more for our people, community and city than these chismoso, chismosa and liyoso combined!
Los Angeles, California

EDITOR'S REPLY: Even after what happened last Saturday, I still have no perso-
nal ill-feelings towards these individuals. In fact, my uncles called me after finding out about the incident and are awaiting my decision on the matter. All I can say is this if they---Nonoy, Mate and Gines---have nothing good to say about others, just keep their mouth shut. And, maybe, just maybe, the world will be a better place for all of us to live in.

Date: 12 Dec 2006
Nonoy Lopez Disrespected All Of Us That Saturday Night
     I was at the party that Saturday night. No matter what Nonoy Lopez told the Montclair police, what he did was so uncivilized and uncalled for as we were all, including yourself, having a good time that night.
    All I can say is that Nonoy Lopez disrespected not only you, but the Shinns as well---and all of us who were there. He ruined the party just as the night was almost over.
    What he did was a disgrace and a very bad example to the kids and teens who were present at the party. Sayang lang ele 73 años ya...
     Otro pa se de suyu mujer. Desde ya llega lang ese aqui na L.A. hende mas
ta acaba de ila dos mana escandalo aqui na de atun comunidad!

Los Angeles, California

A Social Worker With
A Big Heart For Kids
   Hon Alipio (left) is a social worker based in Zamboanga City, Philippines.
   An Ateneo graduate, Hon deals with so many children when she tours the region as her job requires. Below are some pictures she took in her travels to remote areas in Zamboanga Del Sur/Norte. Hon is a Special Correspondent for L.A. Zamboanga Times. We thank her for sharing these pictures. They surely touched our hearts, especially this time during the Christmas holidays. 

ALEX MABALOT: The first and only Zamboangueño to be chosen one of the Philippine's Top 10 Outstanding Policemen

Photo courtesy of ALEX MABALOT
On July 7, 2005, Alex Mabalot (5th from left) was chosen one of the Philippine's 10 Most Outstanding Policemen in Service (COPS) in ceremonies held in Malaca-
ñang. Mabalot is the only policeman in Region 9 to ever win the coveted award.
We're proud of you, Alex!

We Want To Meet Your Pet

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT

Owner: Boboy Shinn of Covina, California
A while back we introduced a section called "We Want To Meet Your Pet." This issue we are debuting a puppy Chihuahua named LUCKY. I adopted Lucky last
November 14 when he was 5 weeks old. Don't let those good looks fool you for behind those innocent eyes is a naughty little boy. Send us pictures of your pet:
a cat, a dog, an iguana or even a snake or a parot---so we can feature it in this section. E-mail photos with information to the Editor.

L.A. Zamboanga Times Turns 20 This Year  

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT Photo Archive
Old (1987) copies of L.A. Zamboanga Times...
     Above photo shows 1987 copies of L.A. Zamboanga Times. Our original
slogan was "DE ATUN ESTE" while our motto read: "The Voice of the Chabaca-

OUR HISTORY: How L.A. Zamboanga Times started in 1986    CLICK HERE
PROFILE: LAZT Founder & Editor-in-Chief John L. Shinn III      CLICK HERE

    L.A. Zamboanga Times was established by Zamboangueño photojournalist John L. Shinn III on October 12, 1986 in Los Angeles.
    In early 1997, while visiting Zamboanga City, Shinn started the L.A. Zamboanga Times Online Edition with the help of JetLink, one of the city's pioneer Internet service provider.
    But upon returning to L.A. two months later, Shinn realized there were only
a handful of Zamboangueños who were online. The project was later scrapped.

    On August 8, 2000, Shinn re-launched the L.A. Zamboanga Times (Internet Edition) and has since had close to 154,000 hits!
    LAZT reflects on the self-taught style of journalism Shinn had developed in the last 24 years on the job. During his younger days, Shinn was known for exposing corruption---whether in the Philippine government, police or the military---
including the Nov. 14, 1984 assassination of Zamboanga City Mayor Cesar
C. Climaco which was orchestrated by the Philippine military.

Photos and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Los Angeles Auto Show Starts Friday, Dec. 1 Through Sunday, Dec. 10
The Los Angeles Auto Show officially opened at the Los Angeles Convention Center Wednesday, Nov. 29 with a two-day special sneak preview for over a thousand accredited members of the news media from around the world. The show is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The above photo taken Wednesday shows a Honda concept car covered in blue silk cloth prior to its unveiling before the large media crowd. Top photo I took Monday, Dec. 4, revealed the car to be the "Honda Remix," a concept car most likely to be available by 2010. Click here to check the L.A. Auto Show website.

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
They have no future because of those empty promises by local politicians
No older than 8 years old, a young beggar smokes a cigarette in downtown Zam-
boanga City in Southern Philippines. While local politicians brag about their development projects for the city's less fortunate residents, many poor fami-
lies in Zamboanga City blame them for lack of sustainable poverty alleviation programs and opportunities for a decent source of livelihood.

The Philippines: A Jeepney Ride in Manila        CLICK HERE

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
God's Greatness & Kindness Viewed Through Yosemite's Sheer Beauty
One of the great wonders of California is the Yosemite National Park, some six
hours drive from Los Angeles. The feeling of being there and witnessing its
sheer beauty allows one to view God's greatness and kindness. This is a place where one can actually feel one with nature. The "Half Dome" can be seen on
the background behind me.

Remembering the 'Cesar' of Zamboanga   CLICK HERE
COMING THIS WEEK: The 22nd death anniversary of CCC

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Three Covina Vikings Teams Going To Play-Offs
Three teams of the Covina (California) Vikings are heading for the play-offs
after playing a fairly good season this year.  MORE PHOTOS ADDED!

Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Our Community's Firefighters: America's Unsung Heroes
This week we pay tribute to firefighters in our communities---America's un-
sung heroes. Five firefighters from the U.S. Forest Service were killed last
week while trying to put out a huge forest fire in California's Riverside County.

From: "Atty. Rommel S. Agan" <>
Date: 04 Nov 2006, 07:22:05 PM
Atty. Rommel Agan's Visit to Los Angeles and Las Vegas
  At the outset allow me to introduce myself.  I am Rommel Agan from Zam-
boanga City and a graduate of Ateneo de Zamboanga University.
  I am writing you regarding the article I read in L.A. Zamboanga Times (LAZT) about LAZT's chief photographer Manny Ortega covering the Pacquiao-Morales match in Las Vegas on Nov. 18. 
  I was just wondering whether it could be possible to meet up with Manny Or-
tega together with other Zamboangueños while in Vegas. 
  I am aware that a number of Zamboanguenos will be going to watch the fight. 
I will be meeting up with some classmates and friends in Vegas (Roderick Ri-
vera, Wilmer Comahig, Joey Tugung) around November 17 and 18. I understand there's also some who will be coming all the way from Zamboanga.
   My wife and I are arriving in LA on the evening of November 13 and will be proceeding to Vegas by morning of November 16. I am fortunate enough to be invited by Manny Pacquiao to witness the Grande Finale on November 18. 
   My office previously handled pro bono the tax concerns of Manny with the BIR early this year. I may be reached at my mobile number below. I will be activa-
ting the roaming features during the entire duration of my trip.
   Hope to meet up with you and other Zamboangueños during our trip.
More Power to LAZT!!!!

Best regards,
Atty. Rommel S. Agan

3/F, P & L Building, 116 Legazpi Street
Legazpi Village, Makati City 1229
Tel. Nos. (632) 817.6810 to 11
              (632) 817.1190 to 91
Fax No.   (632) 817.3809
Mobile     (63) 920.914.4086


Photo and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
A Magnificent View of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Almost everyone who visit San Francisco go to the Golden Gate park to view the Golden Gate bridge. This shot was taken from another, least known, spot from
across the park---atop a mountain ridge overlooking the bridge. And what a breathtaking view!  CLICK HERE FOR LARGER VERSION

2006 Homecoming Schedule of Activities   CLICK HERE  

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Italian philanthropist Armando de Rossi donates ambulances to Region 9
Italian philanthropist Armando de Rossi (left) shakes hands with Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Eugenio Cedo as USS Harpers Ferry commander Craig Anthony and a Filipino fire marshall look on during the hand over Wednesday 25 Oct 2006 of five of 14 ambulances donated by de Rossi, through the 3P Foundation USA.
The U.S. navy ship delivered the vehicles, worth $20,000 each, to a Philippine military base in Zamboanga City and willl be sent to the restive islands of Jolo and Tawi-Tawi in the Sulu Archipelago.

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Muslims in Zamboanga City mark end of Ramadhan and start of Eid'l Fitr
Hundreds of Muslims gathered Tuesday, Oct. 25, to pray outside a mosque in-
side a military base in Zamboanga City, southern Philippines marking the end
of Ramadhan and the start of the Islamic festival Eid'l Fitr.

Text & Photo by AL JACINTO
LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief

    ZAMBOANGA CITY (Al Jacinto / 24 Oct) - Hundreds of Muslim villagers flocked early Tuesday to a small mosque inside a military base in Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines to pray, signaling the end of Ramadan and the start of the Islamic festival Eid'l Fitr.
   Muslims prayed side by side with soldiers inside the Western Mindanao Com-
mand headquarters, where Army Lt. Gen. Eugenio Cedo spoke about the Islamic faith. "We belong to one God and this festival shows our devotion and faith to our religion. We in the military and our family join the Muslim world in the cele-
bration of the Eid'l Fit'r," Cedo said.
   Eidil Fitri, or Hari Raya Puasa is one of the highlights of the Muslim cultural and religious calendar. It is celebrated at the end of the fasting month or Rama-
dan, when the new moon is sighted.
  The Malay words 'Hari Raya' translate as 'Day of Celebration' or the 'Festival of Breaking the Fast'.
  Muslims usually attend Eid prayers in mosque in the morning. The celebrations begin with the birth of the new moon of Syawal, the 10th month of the Islamic calendar.

Manila rape trial revives face of 'Ugly American'  CLICK HERE

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Freed kidnapped USAID worker, two others presented to media in Zambo
Western Mindanao military chief Lt. Gen. Eugenio Cedo, center, shows photo-
graphs of Omar and Itting Sailani, both are known Abu Sayyaf militants, at a news conference Saturday, Oct. 21 in Zamboanga City, as he presented 3 freed kidnapped Filipino engineers and their driver to journalists. Cedo said the Abu Sayyaf was behind the kidnapping of the four men, one of them, engineer Ro-
meo Rivera, far right, who works for the United States Agency for Internatio-
nal Development-Growth for Equity in Mindanao (USAID-GEM). The four were
seized by their armed bodyguards Tuesday after inspecting a US-funded road project in the town of Parang near Jolo.

Date:  18 Oct 2006
Seeking Dick, Audrey, Louie and Gina Johnston
   I hope you don't mind me calling you on first name basis. My name is Amir
Domingo, and I'm working for an international company engaged in personnel
staffing, technical services and ISO certification here in Manila. 
   I am not a full-blooded Zamboangueño but I've been a resident of Zamboanga
since the 70's during my student years in Claret where I stayed with the John-
ston family in San Jose Interior.
   I have likewise worked in SSS Zamboanga, MarFishing, Universal Canning, WMSU and AdeZ where I completed my MBA. I have for my close friends the
likes of Louie Zabaljauregui, the late Pompeyo 'Toto' Torres Jr., Nelson & Kenny Basa and Mike de Leon, Bong Bue, Armand Nocum, to name a few.
   John, it would be appreciated if you could help me out in locating my cousins
in L. A. The last time I heard is that Roderick---who is married to the daughter
of Dr. and Mrs. Nancy Rodriguez---and Audrey, reside in L. A. with his family.  His brother, Louis Arthur (or simply Lou) who is married to Marissa delos Reyes,
a Zamboangueña, likewise is in L. A., (but I am quite unsure) while Vivian Pearl (now Mrs. Bob Chandran), Evelyn Felice and Georgina Louella (Gina) reside in other states.
   I will be traveling to Houston, Texas very soon to visit our company and
attend further training on International Certification and Quality Audit and I would very much like to meet any of my cousins who I haven't seen for such a long time.
    If, by any chance you have their email address John, or contact phone # especially Roderick's, please send me such and it would really be a pleasure to reconnect with them.
   I am a 'sobrino' of the late Mrs. Rosario 'Charing' Johnston, whose husband is Louis Johnston of Baliwasan. My cousins surely remember me as Dodong, a provinciano from Molave, Zamboanga del Sur.

Thank you and more power to you,
Amir Domingo
Moody International Philippines

Photos and caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Who draws the crowd and plays so loud...maybe it's the guitar man...
I met Ken (above), a homeless person, not too long ago on the streets of Co-
vina, Calif. These days I always see him roaming around carrying an electric guitar. When I saw him a few days ago, I yelled at him if I could take his pic-
ture. He cried "yes!" and started playing an imaginary song as I fired off about 10 shots. Since then every time we bump into each other he tells me I owe him $100 for taking his picture! "Hey, John, dude! Where's the $100 you owe me for taking my picture?"

Photos and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
200 kilos of ammonium nitrate shipment seized in Zamboanga City port
An army soldier, armed with machine gun, guards a truckload of French-made ammonium nitrate (red arrows), a main ingredient in the manufacture of home-
made bombs, seized Tuesday, October 17 from a ferry in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga. The ferry---MV Nickel Princely---came from the restive island of Jolo, where Philippine troops are battling members of the al-Qaeda-
linked Abu Sayyaf Group and Jemaah Islamiya blamed for the recent spate of bombings in the region that killed at least 14 people and injured dozens more. Inset photo shows police officer Abner Santos pointing to two of the three sus-
pects held for questioning. The 8 bags of ammonium nitrate were concealed inside several crates covered with frozen fish.

From: "Ginger Lemongrass" <>
Date: 13 Oct 2006
Zamboanga Memoir: Memories of my childhood in Zamboanga

   Perhaps it would interest you to read a rushed literary "me-
moir" of my childhood in Zamboanga. I cannot recall if our paths have crossed at one time or another. My daughter's school project prodded me to blog this on:            
   I presently reside in Vienna, Austria with my husband and two daughters. In sharing this piece, I hope to re-generate the interest and re-live the memories of those who were born and had the time of their young lives in Zamboanga,
just like I did.
   Thanks for your time.

EDITOR'S REPLY: Our paths may not have crossed while you and I were growing up in Zamboanga City. But our memories I'm sure are almost identical. I spent much of the summer days swimming at Cawa-Cawa --- in front of the PC Com-
pound or Brent Hospital --- with about a dozen of my cousins. On some lazy
afternoons, we would fly homemade kites at the Central School until our eyes hurt from trying to find our tiny kite up, up in the vast, blue sky. Or we would play "tubigan" at night along Calle Carmen during full moon days. "Shatung" was one of our favorite games as well as "tumbahan lata" or playing "jolen." Growing up in Zamboanga City has indeed many good memories for many of us. By the way, it would be nice if you reveal to us your real name---or your true identity.

Happy Fiesta Pilar to Zamboangueños around the world!

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Annual Regatta Race Start Fiesta Pilar Celebrations in Zamboanga City
Thousands of spectators lined up along R.T. Lim Boulevard Sunday, Oct. 8, to watch the start of the annual sailboat race extravaganza called "Regatta de Zamboanga" in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga. Tens of thou-
sands of Catholic faithful flock to this city for the Fiesta Pilar celebrations on October 12 each year---the month-long celebration is called Zamboanga Her-
mosa Festival---in honor of the La Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the city's patroness and believed by many Christians and Muslims alike---to be miraculous.

Calling all members of the Ateneo de Zamboanga College Batch of 1981: ADeZU College Batch 1981 members organize Silver Jubilee Reunion
By Sammy Santos
LAZT Manila Bureau Chief
    MANILA --- Members of the ADeZU College Batch '81 are enjoined to attend the forthcoming 2006
annual homecoming on the first weekend of December where the batch will be honored as college Silver Jubilarians together with High School Class 1981.
    In a press conference held at the Mangan Restaurant at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City last week, Lynet Marcos-Abarro and Michael Regino, ADeZU College Batch 1981 valedictorian and salutatorian respectively, announ-
ced that members of the batch intended to join the campaign of Ateneo de

Zamboanga University President Fr. Bill Kreutz to help raise funds for the completion of the new Ateneo de Zamboanga High School and Grade School campus in Tumaga, Zamboanga City.
   Marcos-Abarro said the batch would attempt to raise the sum of P250,000
to sponsor one classroom in
the new Ateneo Campus, as well as some money
to finance the social activities of the batch during its
Silver Jubilee celebration in December.
   During the press conference, Marcos-Abarro appealed to representatives of
the Zamboanga City
(local), Manila (national) and L.A. Zamboanga Times (international media) present to help conduct an information campaign that would reach out to members of the batch, especially those who have gone
   Regino said the organizers of the reunion would concentrate their efforts on Batch 1981 members who are settled in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.
   Among the members of Batch 1981 are international photojournalist and L.A. Zamboanga Times roving photographer Gino Españo, Soraya Mandi, Allan Basa, Kenny Basa, Santiago Blanco, Jeffrey Bongcaron, Manuel Bunda, Oscar Covarru-
bias, Genera Cruz,
Luz Dimanalanta, Roseller Flores, Rock Vincent Garcellano, Sanz Gonzalez, Rachel Lorena, Flotilda Marcos, Gerardo Verar, Edeline Wee, Marcos Ventus, Roberto Varela, Flor Estrada-Patulot, Alberto Alvin
Valerio and Jesus Yu.
   Members of Batch 1981 are advised to contact the following organizers for more details: Lynette Marcos-Abarro, cel. no. (0632) 09177112506, email address in Zamboanga City; Michael Regino (0632) 09178576486, email address in Manila; and Gino Españo +13234283127, email address in Los Angeles, USA.

Rape Victim Nicole: 'I don't think I can ever show my face in Zamboanga'     CLICK HERE

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 

Workers salvage items from disabled ferry off R. T. Lim Boulevard
A salvager ties a safety line Thursday, Oct. 5, to a concrete bench along R. T.
Lim Boulevard (formerly Cawa-Cawa) as workers were recovering empty 52-
gallon drums from an ill-fated ferry (background) that was abandoned Sept. 26
by its 5 crew members after hitting a coral reef off the shore of Santa Cruz Island in Zamboanga City.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW RESCUE PICTURES

Relaxing at the Park on a Tuesday afternoon
There's nothing more enjoyable for these two individuals than spending a lazy
Tuesday afternoon relaxing at the park.

Doobie Brothers in Concert at the L.A. County Fair
The concert of the Doobie Brothers at the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona,
California, last Friday (Sept. 29) night was sold out. I had always wanted to attend their concert because my bestfriend, Ricky Lopez-Vito (who passed away two years ago last week in Bacolod City, Philippines) and I love the band. Since Ricky's death, I promised myself I would go to a Doobie Brothers concert if ever they play in town. Here's the group's photo for you, Ric.  LARGER VERSION

My Friend Ricky Lopez-Vito's 2nd Death Anniversary
   LOS ANGELES --- Two years ago last Friday, Sept.  15, my best friend, Ricky Valderrama Lopez-Vito passed away at the age of 43 after suffering a heart attack in Bacolod City, Philippines.
    Ric, we have not forgotten you, my friend, for your memory still lives in the hearts and minds of many of those you left behind.

Tasty treats for dogs? You got to see it to believe it!
Nowhere else are dogs so spoiled by their owners than here in America. In a recent visit to the Westfield Mall in West Covina, California, I came across this booth that sold these treats and others luxuries in life---only for dogs!

Photos and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Daring sea rescue by Navy and Coast Guard off the coast of Zamboanga City
Members of the Philippine Navy and Coast Guard board a sinking boat (above,
left) to rescue five crew members of the sinking ferry last Tuesday, Sept 26,
off the coast of Zamboanga City. Battered by strong winds and huge waves the vessel hit a reef several nautical miles north of Sta. Cruz Island. Above right photo shows the ship being abandoned after the daring rescue.

Photos and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Filipino Muslims Observe 'Ramadan' Across the Philippine Archipelago
Muslims pray Saturday 23 September 2006, at a mosque in Sta. Barbara village
in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga. Muslims are required to fast and abstain from sexual activity during the daylight hours of Ramadan.  
   Determined according to the lunar calendar, Ramadan can fall in any season
of the year. The Ramadan fast is considered one of the Five Pillars of Islam and
the end of the fast is celebrated as one of the important religious holidays of Islam.
LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief

the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is considered by Muslims to
be the holiest month in Islam.
   The word Ramadan is derived from the word "ramd"---meaning "to burn." The entire month is spent fasting from dawn to dusk. The name came from the time before the Islamic calendar, when the month of Ramadan fell in
the summer. 
   Fasting during this month is often thought to figuratively burn away all sins. Muslims believe that the Quo'ran was sent down to the earth during
this month. Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad told his followers that
the gates of Heaven would be open all the month and the gates of Hell
would be closed. The first day of the next month is spent in great celebra-
tions and rejoicings and is observed as the 'Festival of Breaking Fast' or
Id al-Fitr.

Photo courtesy of GINA WEST / LAZT Roving Reporter
Meet These Zamboangueña Nurses Living in Germany
My friends in Germany sent me their picture taken during a barbecue party they
had there recently. I thought  people might like to know that we also have few Zamboangueños living in Germany. They are, from left: Cecile Arabejo-Krieg-
hoff, Rholyn Rodriguez-Shraderdi, Elkie West-Hozhauer, Chona Baricua-Wudi, Sonia Covarrubias De Leon (nurse from Texas), Jeanette Parel-Guttierz and Jocelyn Martinez-Killiman. They have been working as nurses in Germany for  more than 15 years now. CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER PICTURE

L.A. County Fair: The Biggest Fair in the World
Each year in early September the L.A. County Fair comes to life at the Fairplex
in Pomona, Calif. The L.A. County Fair is considered to be the world's biggest
fair. This year the fair started Sept. 8 and will last until Oct. 1. Adult tickets
are $10 on weekdays and $15 on weekends and $6 for children from 6-12 years old. Five years and younger are free. Photos were taken Friday, Sept. 22. 

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Abu Sayyaf free daughter of WMSU Prez after paying unspecified ransom
Freed Abu Sayyaf kidnapped victim Grace Gonzales, 19, center, is helped by
her father, Eldigario Gonzales, left, president of the Western Mindanao State University, and a military nurse on Saturday, 23 Sept 2006, at a military infir-
mary in Zamboanga City. Gonzales, kidnapped August 02 in Zamboanga City,
was released in Basilan island after her family paid an unspecified amount of money.    READ RELATED STORY

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Mayor Celso Lobregat is promoting Zamboanga City as 'Asia's Latin City'
Mayor Celso Lobregat of Zamboanga City gestures Thursday, 21 Sept 2006 during a gathering with dozens of reporters and editors in Zamboanga. Mayor Lobregat appealed to the reporters to help promote Zamboanga as Asia's Latin City.

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Traces of Spain in Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines
This is not Spain or Mexico, not even Paraguay in South America. This is Zam-
boanga City in Southern Philippines, where business signs are mostly written in Spanish. The Philippines was a Spanish colony for 321 years and traces of Spain's influence in Zamboanga City is clearly evident to this day as the photo above shows.

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Many children in Zamboanga abandon school to work to feed their families
A young beggar pushes her cart along the busy business district of Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines. Many children in Zamboanga --- some as young as
8 years old --- have abandoned their schooling to help their parents earn a living
to feed the family.

Photo and caption by MANNY ORTEGA / LAZT Chief Photographer
Manny Pacquiao vs Erik Morales PressCon at Beverly Hills Hotel
Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao (seated, center) and Mexico's Erik Morales (at podium) meet each other again during their press conference at
the Beverly Hills Hotel last Tuesday, Sept. 19, to announce their November
18 super featherweight bout at the Thomas Mack Center in Las Vegas.

The Philippines: Kids Behind Bars...   CLICK HERE
'Killing Season' in the Philippines....   CLICK HERE

Photo & caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Greater Los Angeles Football Season Underway
The Duarte Hawks (white and red jersey) played the Covina Vikings at the Co-
vina High School football field Saturday, Sept. 16. The game ended with a tie
score, 0-0.

Philippine Justice Sec. Raul Gonzalez: The Village Idiot
   LOS ANGELES --- I called a colleague in the news media in Manila recently to inquire about the latest development in the rape (in No-
vember of 2005
) of a Zamboangueña named "Nicole"
in Subic invol-
ving four U.S. Marines.
   Our conversation then drifted to Philippine Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez. "What is the Philippine Justice Secretary doing? I asked. "Oh, you mean that village idiot?" my colleague answered. It appears that every-
one in the Arroyo regime are siding with the Yankee rapist named Daniel Smith, a lance corporal in the U.S. Marines and the main defendant/rapist in the case.
   From all indications, the Arroyo regime would like to see to it that the four accused, all U.S. Marines, willl walk free. And no one seems to be at the fore-
front of this scripted drama than the village idiot himself.

We do have 'honest' cops in Zamboanga City!   CLICK HERE

From: "john cross" <>
Date: 12 Sep 2006
What Makes One A Zamboangueño Or
   I am tempted to ask this question since way, way back when I was a kid.
I read yesterday's online edition of the Zamboanga Times where a news article
(written by Gerky Velasco) quotes Mayor Celso Lobregat exhorting Zamboan-
gueños to support Philippine Idol hopeful Armarie Cruz by texting and voting for her.
  I think this is perfectly okay. Armarie herself during the contest said "kailangan kong itaas ang bandila ng Zamboanga".
  What is not okay to me is the lack or absence of exhortation to "support" by
the mayor to --- who i consider also a Zamboangueña --- the lady allegedly raped by the US servicemen in Subic last year.
   Bueno pa si Boboy Shinn, in his L.A. Zamboanga Times column, ta habla cay Zamboangueña akel, maskin pa el los de mas ta habla cay "hende gayot aquel de Zamboanga cay Bisaya." He even called Fr. Reuter an asshole in the process! Ese el fighter!
   Paquelaya ba gat ese? Si rico ba o alto puesto na sociedad, maskin "moro" e
Zamboangeuño/a? Pero si Abdul ta bende pugita na tiangge hende? Si Vit Agan maskin ya keda mayor pa del ciudad, como un Bisaya, hende? Amo man ese ta uhi yo des de antes bata yo.
   Si inday, el ayudante na casa, maskin na Zamboanga City ya nace, hende Zamboangueña? Si Armarie cay bonito el performance y bueno canta na Philippine Idol, Zamboangueña? Y el pobrecita Bisaya ya estudya na Ateneo de Zamboanga y victima de rape, hende? Lately, ta uhi yo ese si monsignor, hende tamen daw.
  As part of the Global Village, does it still matter? If Zamboangueños will
keep up with this culture of labeling who is and who isn't (a
Zamboangueño or Zamboangueña)--- then kiss goodbye ya lang to all investors coming to the city cay "hende man esos de Zamboanga!" right?
  We need more
like Boboy!

John Cruz
Tumaga, ZC

EDITOR'S REPLY: John, de mio nana un Bisaya de Cagayan de Oro. Cuando diutay pa yo ya sufri ele cay el mana mal custumbre Zamboangueños y Zamboangueñas hende lang ya mira bajo conele...ya pone pa bajo conele! Maskin de buen familia el mana Lasolas discriminado siempre sila antes cay Bisaya gane sila. Neverthe-
less I'm so proud of my mom's Bisaya heritage. To me, maskin cosa pa tu: que
Muslim, Bisaya, Subanon...Ilocano...basta na Zamboanga tu ta queda...maskin hende tu ya nace alla...para comigo todo kita Zamboangueños y Zamboangueñas.

Photo & caption by NOEL TARRAZONA / LAZT Zamboanga Deputy Bureau Chief
Would-be politicians' promises always meant to be broken
The photo above shows one of the thousands of unconcreted "Farm-to-Market Roads" that crippled the economy of the Zamboanga Peninsula during the rainy season last month. The May 2007 elections is fast approaching and would-be politicians will again promise that their priority is to provide farm to market
roads for our farmers..but as we all know by now...that promise will certainly
be broken and never be fulfilled.

Photos & caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Thousands of Kids Join Soccer Season Kick-Off in America
Cheryl Enlow (wearing jersey No. 3) of the Dark Thunder girls team of Covina, Calif. joined thousands of kids across America to kick-off the soccer season
in the U.S. last Saturday, Sept. 9. The Dark Thunder team beat the Avengers
girls team 6-0 in their opening game (top photo).
Cheryl and her teammates show their fighting team spirit before their first game (above photo).

The news media is a serious business, especially when the "truth" and "profes-
sionalism" is at stake. Many fool themselves into believing that they are photo-
journalists and they can write or take publication quality pictures just because they can text long messages to their friends or use their cell phones to take horrible accident pictures. Here's one example CLICK HERE

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Missing Street Lights in Zamboanga Captured On Long Exposure Picture
One night not too long ago, after getting fed up about the absence of street lights in his neighborhood in Tetuan, LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief Al Jacinto
took this long exposure shot outside his residence. The streak of lights on the left were caused by passing vehicles, while the bright light at the end of the road is an area where street lights were on, Al says. Whatever happened to all the street lights that kept the city clear and bright at night during the term of the late Congresswoman Ma. Clara Lobregat?

Armarie Saavedra Cruz Among Top 4 Finalist
Armarie Saavedra Cruz, left, is one of the 4 finalist in the Philippine Idol singing contest. It means she is just two more rounds---in the elimination process---from winning the much-coveted title of Philippine Idol this year.
   Armarie, 27, is the daughter of the late actor Mohammad Faizal and Maricar Saavedra of Zamboanga City. Last week, she made it as one of the 24 semi-finalist in the show modeled after the popular American TV reality show American Idol.
   To find out more about Armarie CLICK HERE.

A Jesuit...A Bad Example?...What An Asshole!
   In a recent interview with a major U.S. newspaper, Fr. James Reuter, a Yankee Jesuit priest in his 90's who has lived in the Philippines for most of his life, said that a Zamboangueña who
was raped by four American soldiers in Subic last year may have seduced the main suspect/rapist into raping her.
   As a Jesuit educated-individual, I can't believe this asshole even had the guts to try to justify what happened to the victim of this heinous crime by siding with the rapist and his three accomplices.
   Being a graduate of Ateneo de Zamboanga, a Jesuit educational institution of which Fr. Reuter---he was president of Ateneo de Manila for several years--- has been very much a part of, I have always had this 'mistrust' of Ateneans from Manila who I believe then, and now, do not share the same moral and spiritual values with those of us from Ateneo de Zamboanga. Fr. Reuter's comments in that interview simply reinforced this 'mistrust.'
   And just because Fr. Reuter is a priest---and shamefully a Jesuit at that---
does not mean he (Reuter) cannot be a bad example because as far as I'm con-
cerned---Jesuit or not---Fr. Reuter just made an asshole of himself in front of the Filipino people.
   Ateneo de Zamboanga's Fr. Bill Kreutz should kick Fr. Reuter's ass!

US Imperialism in the World & the Philippines  CLICK HERE

   If you receive an e-mail with an attachment and supposedly coming from the editor of L.A. Zamboanga Times, please do not open the e-mail because it may contain a VIRUS or WORM harmful to your computer.
   I never send e-mails with attachments to anyone---not even my staffmem-
bers. If ever I do I call them first before sending an e-mail with an attach-
ment. Thank you very much.           -THE EDITOR-

Photos & caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Soccer Season in America Starts This Saturday, Sept. 9
Kids across America are preparing for the soccer season this year which starts
this Saturday, Sept. 9 through the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO).
These kids have been practicing all summer and belong to the Panther team
in Covina, Calif.

Photo courtesy of Ateneo de Zamboanga University
New Ateneo High School Campus Opened in Tumaga
Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdeZU) inaugurated its high school campus
in Tumaga recently. Photo shows the main building prior to the opening of
classes in late June.

Photo & caption by HADER GLANG / LAZT Zamboanga Deputy Bureau Chief
Zamboanga City's Top Business Leaders Meet at MinBizCon
Filipino-American businessman Rick M. Santos (2nd from left), president of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Incorporated whose father,
blue-blooded Zamboangueño and Los Angeles resident Dr. Rolando Santos (2nd from right), pose for posterity with top Zamboangueña business leaders, from left to right: Teresita Uy-Sebastian, vice president of the Mindanao Business Council and regional governor of the Zamboanga Peninsula Chamber of Com-
merce and Industry; Bernardita Ebol, chief of staff of the Zamboanga City Spe-
cial Economic Zone & Freeport Authority; and ZamboEcozone Chairman Geor-
gina Yu during the 15th Mindanao Business Conference held August 30 to Sep-
tember 2 at the Garden Orchid Hotel Convention Center in Zamboanga City.

'Pobreza Na Zamboanga'   
Mindanao Examiner and L.A. Zamboanga Times would like to thank Manila-based film director Patrick Almaden and film editor Paco Almaden (El Amor di Pilar), Ateneo de Zamboanga University and Kit Studio in Zamboanga City and Monad Studio in Manila; and the Major Chords, the group which sung Zamboanga Her-
, for the music score that we used in our documentary. The song was wri-
tten by well-known Zamboangueño poet Vicente Orendain. "Pobreza Na Zamboa-
" was shot and produced from the collective efforts of Al Jacinto, Cheng Or-
doñez, Darwin Wee, Dilbert Ramizo and Kit Lorenzo.  

Photo & caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Jose Rizal greets Pinoy shoppers in West Covina, Calif.
A bronze bust of Filipino national hero Jose P. Rizal greets every Filipino shop-
per at the Seafood City Supermarket in West Covina, Calif., one of the fastest-
growing Filipino community in America today. The market is surrounded by
other popular Filipino food establishments such as Chow King, Red Ribbon and Max's Chicken of Manila, among others.


Photo & caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Investors from ASEAN, China, Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Canada and the US attend Confab at Garden Orchid Hotel
Donald Dee, left, president of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and Celso Lobregat, right, mayor of Zamboanga City, lead the opening
of the 15th Mindanao Business Conference in Zamboanga City Thursday, Aug.
31. Hundreds of delegates and investors from other countries are attending the three-day confab.  CLICK HERE TO READ FULL STORY BY HADER GLANG

"We have a lot of investments here. Zamboanga has a very sound economy and there are many new establishments. The peace and order is very good and we are happy about these all."    ---Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat---


Interview with US Lt. Col. Jim McAllister, deputy commander of US Joint Special Operations Task Force - Philippines
L.A. Zamboanga Times Zamboanga Bureau Chief AL JACINTO interviews Col. McAllister during a brief encounter in Jolo this week.      CLICK HERE

From: Michael Joseph Delos Santos <>
Date: 29 Aug 2006
All I Can Say Is, 'You Are A Very Brave Man'
   Hi! I just read your article on the Nov. 14, 1984 assassination of Zamboanga City Mayor Cesar C. Climaco.
   I was only in six grade when Rizal Alih went berzerk and took hostage (not sure if they killed also) Gen. Batalla and his aide, Col. Abendan. And I also watched a movie based on Mayor Climaco's life, (Mayor Climaco was played by Eddie Garcia, and I forgot the title).
  During those times and up to now, I thought the Alih's were the ones respon-
sible for the killing of Mayor Climaco, not until I read your article.
  Now I have a very clear picture of what really happened during those days in 1984. All I can say is, "you are a very brave man."
  Thanks for the information.. and i'm sure your story is the real one (thing).


Photo & caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Giant mango: The size of a papaya really & cost $1.99 each
I was surprised when my mom brought home the mango (at left) she bought
from a Mexican grocery in the neighborhood. I could not believe the size of
the mango because it was as big as a medium-sized papaya! I bought the
mango on the right from an Asian market, also in our neighborhood, which
was supposed to be the biggest one they have! The giant mango was selling
for $1.99 each, while the smaller one was on sale for 50 cents each.

From: Candice Domingo <>
Date: 21 Aug 2006
St. Campion Class of '04 of AdZU High School Needs Help 
   I'm Candice Domingo from Minnesota, USA. I am a member of the St. Edmund Campion high school class of 2004 from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University.
   I am writing in behalf of the class of Campion because we really need all the help we can get for our dear classmate and friend, Charlemagne Ramirez.
  Attached with this email is the letter that explains our current situation. We would really appreciate it if you would post the letter on your website,
   We really need help, and your website is a great tool for us to be able to reach out to many, especially our fellow Zamboangueños.
   Also, I heard about a group called Zamboanga Hermosa that's based in LA. If you could please email me their email and/or mailing address, that would be greatly appreciated.
   Contact information is on the letter, and please feel free to email us at
   Thank you very much for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.
Candice Domingo
Minnesota, USA



San Gabriel Valley Examiner features LAZT photos
The San Gabriel Valley Examiner based in Glendora, Calif. featured our two
photos (below) on a five-column spread on Page 4 of its August 24-30, 2006
issue. L.A. Zamboanga Times founder and editor-in-chief, John L. Shinn III,
used to be the managing editor of the Examiner, a 40-page, weekly newspaper owned by Eugene Moses.

Photos & caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
Car bomb? Baghdad? It's a van on fire in West Covina!
From a mile away, it looked like a car bomb just went off as thick black smoke can been seen from both sides of the freeway. But this is West Covina, not
Baghdad, Beirut or Kabul. This van caught fire around 10 a.m. Sunday morning on the Vincent off-ramp on the eastbound San Bernardino (10) Freeway in West Covina. It was not known was caused the fire or if anyone was injured.

Photo & caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Philippine Military Fighting Global Terrorism in Jolo, Sulu
A Philippine Navy boat used as command center by the military is anchored off Jolo island where Philippine security forces seized 3,000 blasting caps Thursday, August 17 from an inter-island ferry from Zamboanga City. Troops are pursuing members of the terrorist Abu Sayyaf group and two Jemaah Islamiya leaders Umar Patek and Dulmatin, both are believed to be behind the 2002 Bali bombing that killed 202 people.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER IMAGE

Russian-Filipino Airline to Fly Zambo-Malaysia Route CLICK HERE
Lamitan National High School Principal Assassinated  CLICK HERE
SouthCom Divided Into Two Commands   CLICK HERE

U.S. President George Bush: The 'Lunatic in the White House'
is now biggest threat to America's security-and the world's
US involved in planning Israel operations - The New Yorker

L.A. Zamboanga Times celebrates 6th year on the 'Net
    In 1986, we started out as a local monthly newspaper---with a total circulation of 300 copies---catering only to the Chabacano community in Los Angeles.
    Today, 20 years later, we are reaching Zamboangueños around the world!

    Six years ago---on August 8, 2000---L.A. Zamboanga Times went online as a weekly Internet newspaper after serving the Chabacano communities in the United States and Canada for 14 years as a monthly newspaper. Since then we have had almost 154,000 hits on our website visitors meter.
    In those six years we made small histories with every step we took. We've also seen a dramatic increase in our readership that we now average anywhere from 150 to 200 unique hits per day.
    But what really inspires us to continue with this mission we started back in 1986 is our ability to bring our people closer together---through the Internet--- wherever they may be.
    We have also noted an increase in readership participation in discussing issues that affect not only us, but specially for the unfortunate ones back home
in Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines.
    To our staff of dedicated volunteers---from John Atilano to Alda Zapanta---
I say thank you very much for helping us keep the Zamboangueño communities around the world informed.
    To our readers and supporters, a million thanks for inspiring us to continue with what we're doing.
    To everyone who visit our website regularly, let us all work together to keep the Zamboangueño spirit alive!
     L.A. Zamboanga Times......De Atun Este Todo!

Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2006
An urgent concern for the homeless & beggars in Zambo
   My friends from California & I love reading your website's colorful and informa-
tive news, letters, pictorials & updates
about our hometown, Zamboanga City, regularly.
   But what really touched us were Al Jacinto's photos of those elderly beggars & homeless families hanging
around Zamboanga City street corners.
   Why can't our Mayor & City Officials offer them Govt assistance
on food, shel-
ter or vocational training?
    Anyway, did you notice any positive changes whatsoever
when you visited some friends & relatives out there in 1997? 
    As Confucius said "If you teach someone to fish rather than giving him fish, he'll not go hungry again. They better learn fast from other growing Third World countries.
North Carolina, USA

From: "jilustrisimojr" <>
To: "shinn, boboy" <>
Date:  24 Jul 2006
It's about time you publish our 'rebuttal' letters to your gross allegations about ZHCSC activities in Los Angeles
   It's about time that you include Greg Climaco's letter below (in it's entirety) in your webiste.
   It's been two months since Greg mailed this rebuttal to your gross allegations about Zamboanga Hermosa Club activities. Readers need to know the other side of the story.
   I also have a copy of Dr. Rolando Santos' lengthy letter to you last month which I will email to you, if you have not receive it, as soon as I get your reply to this message.

Jun Ilustrisimo
Anaheim, California


EDITOR'S REPLY:  Jun, first of all, I never received Greg Climaco's letter via e-mail dated May 25, 2006. However, I want to thank you for bringing the
matter to my attention and we are publishing Greg's letter in its entirety
(click on the link above) for everyone to read.
   On the other hand, I did received Rolly Santos' letter to the editor through postal mail, but I was not able to contact him to request for an "e-mail copy"
because the letter was too long (9 or 10 pages and single-spaced) thus making
it impossible for me to re-type his entire letter. Please e-mail me a copy of Rolly's letter and we will publish it here so the people can read it. Thank you.

Photo & caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Life on the streets of Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines
A man cooks rice while his father sells cigarettes and candies on a sidewalk in Zamboanga City, a known opposition bailiwick in Southern Philippines. Philip-
pine President Gloria Arroyo again appealed to the opposition and other sectors
of society to put politics aside and instead lend a helping hand in spurring eco-
nomic growth so the country can move forward for the benefit of all Filipinos.

Derick and Alvin's courtesy call to San Diego Mayor Sanders
Derick Evangelista III and Alvin Hung (2nd and 3rd from left) paid a courtesy
call to San Diego, California Mayor Jerry Sanders last Tuesday, July 25. They
presented Mayor Sanders with a minature replica of a vinta, a Chabacano dictionary and a letter from Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat. Derick and
Alvin are in San Diego to attend the 2006 Pacific Rim Summer Seminar in United States Studies which is being held at the University of California - San Diego. The program runs from July 3 - 28, 2006.

Photo & caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief 
Commercial quarry is destroying environment in Zamboanga
A ten-minute helicopter ride takes us to this mountain quarry in the outskirts
of Zamboanga City. The destruction of the environment is visible from the air
as this photo shows.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER IMAGE

The Beauty of Zamboanga City Captured On Video
Contributed by L.A. Zamboanga Times reader ARNOLD RICO      CLICK HERE

Photo & caption by HADER GLANG / LAZT Zamboanga Deputy Bureau Chief 
Philippine Marines Deployment in Tawi-Tawi, Sulu
Soldiers from the Philippine Marine Battalion Landing Team 2 (MBLT 2) stay
put at a USAID-funded Port in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi in the Sulu Archipelago after
a five-day voyage from Luzon. They were deployed to Tawi-Tawi to replace
MBLT 11.

From: "Cyrus Brooks" <>
Date: 30 Jun 2006
Regarding Your 'Shabu in America' Article
    Great article:
I am running an anti-drug campaign here in Sydney, Australia. Go to to view my web-
     I've been to Manila a couple times and have many Filipino friends. Our drug data can be found at this web address:
   We also have new booklets coming out. Scientologists in Los Angeles probably would be great allies for you (e.g. Ms. Chel Stith).
Cyrus Brooks
Sydney, Australia

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief  
The Fight Against Global Terrorism is Alive in Mindanao
A Muslim girl and her younger brother show off a poster of wanted Abu Sayyaf terrorists handed out by the Philippine military in the southern Philippine city
of Marawi. Security forces are battling Abu Sayyaf Muslim militants with close
ties to the Indonesian Jemaah Islamiya terror network in the restive southern Philippine region.

FROM THE EDITOR (June 27): A few days ago, we asked a friend to e-mail Jun Ilustrisimo to ask for a "password" to "access" the Zamboanga Hermosa Club
of Southern California (ZHCSC) dance-ball pictures. Our friend received a reply
from Jun with a password alright and here's what Jun had to say in his e-mail:
   "The password is 123zhcsc199. P.S. I'm sorry for resorting to this action. I used to make it easily accessible to all readers until I found out that one website operator was using the pictures for his commercial use."
Juan Ilustrisimo, Jr.
Anaheim, CA
EDITOR'S REPLY: Jun, stop making a "fool" of yourself---grow up! L.A. Zam-
boanga Times
did not profit from using the pictures from "your" --- not
ZHCSC? --- website. The public's right to know far outweighs our "alleged"
intention to use your photos for profit because your pictures have no com-
mercial value at all.
Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California:
Is Jun Ilustrisimo Still Running (Controlling) the Club?

   In response to our investigation into the club's affairs and the revelation of how the officers run the club as if they own it, the Zamboanga Hermosa Club
of Southern California
has apparently become "paranoid" and more "exclusive" and "reclusive" now more than ever.
   Or, could it be that Jun Ilustrisimo is still trying to run the club from behind-the-scene even though he is no longer the president
of the club?
   During a recent visit to their site, we found out that visitors to their website are no longer given "free" access to view the group's pictures taken during the Spring picnic and dance-ball. Instead, visitors are advised to e-mail Jun Ilustrisimo, the club's former president, for a "password" in order to gain entry into the web address where the photos are posted.
    Why the sudden requirement of a "password" to view the group's pictures?
Are the new set of officers of the club --- still being led by it's former president Jun Ilustrisimo --- have become so "paranoid" that Jun now wants to control
as to who he would allow to view the club's pictures?

   It only shows how much Jun still want to control the group even though he is
no longer its president. Even the website is under Jun's personal name and we wonder aloud if club money is being used to pay for this account even though it appears that it is Jun's personal Internet account?
   I would like to remind Jun that his term ended in December when Esther Rodri-
guez was elected president. I would also like to ask Jun why he wouldn't want to
relinquish control of the club?
    Esther Rodriguez, the new president, should get rid of this really, really bad impression Jun is giving us by creating a different website---outside of Jun's control.
    L.A. Zamboanga Times has survived six (6) years of being online on a budget of $89 a year---which is what it cost to host a website.
    It's time the club's new set of officers show it's members, especially those
who have been alienated by Jun and his cronies in the past---that, yes, they
are "independent" and "free of outside influence and manipulation."

Rent this Cadillac Escalade Limo for $120 an hour
The only other limo we'd like to ride besides the Cadillac Escalade (seen here) is the Hummer. You can rent this Escalade limo for $120 an hour with a minimum of three hours, plus about a $100 dollar tip for the driver. This limo can seat 22 people, has a full wet bar and three sun roofs. It boasts of a sound system that can pump up to 1200 watts of shear music power complete with disco lights.

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief  
School Children in Zamboanga City, Southern Philippines
School children in Zamboanga City, Southern Philippines ride a pedicab home after class seemingly unaware of the dangers they place themselves on the road.

From: dina leal <>
Date: 23 Jun 2006
Calling All WMSU Nursing Alumnis in Southern California
   The WMSU Nursing Class 79 would like to invite all WMSU  nursing alumnis for a reunion here in So. California from June 29 to July 3, 2006. This is a start for all our alunmis to get together to plan, organize and create our organization for future events.
   We are inviting our pioneers---belonging to Class 77, 78 and onwards  to join us. 
   This reunion is spearheaded by Fe Mangila, Dina Domondon Leal, Onelie Pamaran, Elsie Reyes, Joyce Brandes, Lulung Ledesma, Mario Smrgido, Greg Prias, Raul Chang, Titad Bonifacio Into and Sandra Palma.
   Please reply to this email for further information or call Dina at (661) 424- 1885 or Fe at (323) 223-7616. We hope to see all of you....

From: "Sarah McBrien" <>
Date: 21 Jun 2006
Threats to Journalists Reporting in the Philippines
   I am researching for a programme on the threats to journalists in the Philip-
pines for al-Jazeera International and would be interested in getting your input.
  Would you mind sending me your contact details so that I can give you a call?
I will also be contacting Gina West in your London Bureau as that is where we
are also based.

Thanks for your time,
From: "Linda Kaplan" <>
Date: 31 May 2006
Our Organization Is In Need  of 'Tausug' Speakers
   Your name was given to me by a mutual friend.  We are a language organiza-
tion seeking native Tausug speakers to be trained to become oral proficiency testers.
   If you are a native Tausug speaker, or know someone who is, and is interested in learning more about this training, please respond to this email message.
   Thank you very much.
Linda S.Kaplan
Program Manager
6 Executive Plaza
Yonkers, New York  10701-6801
Phone:  (914) 963-8830 ext. 225
Fax:    (914) 963-1275

America's War on Terror in Southern Philippines
ABU SAYYAF: The cause of the return of US troops to the Philippines?  READ

Date: 17 Jun 2006
Rafael Silva Solis Passed Away At 95
   Rafael Silva Solis, of Sucabon, passed away Saturday, June 17, 2006. at 2:40 p.m. in Zamboanga City at the age of 95. He left behind his children: Josefina, Rafael Sr., Jose, Luis, Socorro, Fr. Jinjo Solis, CMF, Ramon, Rosario, Miguel
and Felix.
His body now  lies in state at the Solis residence in Sucabon.

Junie Solis
San Diego, California

EDITOR'S REPLY: Jun, please accept our deepest condolences---from the entire LAZT family.

By JOHN Y. ATILANO  LAZT Reporter-at-Large

Photo by JOHN Y. ATILANO / LAZT Reporter-at-Large
Filipinos celebrate Philippine Cultural Month in Vallejo, California
Among the most noticeable attractions at the Vallejo, California annual Phi-
lippine Cultural Month festivities were Filipina beauties like the ones above
who posed for our cameras.  

Photos by JOHN L. SHINN III / L.A. Zamboanga Times
Freedom for Moro National Liberation Front's Nur Misuari?
A recent visit to Sulu by a fact-finding team from the Oganization of Islamic Conference (OIC) revealed that many of the agreements between the MNLF
and the Philippine government in the 1996 peace talks were never implemen-
ted. The OIC team said that in order to achieve peace in the Sulu archipelago
---the Arroyo regime must free Misuari, who is now in jail facing rebellion charges. Misuari's followers, seen here at the MNLF camp in Timbangan, Inda-
nan, Jolo, Sulu in this 1996 file photo, could re-start the Muslim rebellion if Misuari (inset photo, right, with LAZT founder and editor-in-chief John L.
Shinn, III, left) is not released.

Photo & caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief  
Do we really care for Zamboanga's homeless street children?
At dusk, these are what many street children in Zamboanga City do -- some gamble on the sidewalks and others beg for money from passersby. Many also sleep without eating, and these scenes go on every night, yet nobody cares.

HISTORY  Looking Back 93 Years Ago in Sulu

Painter: unknown   Caption by VIC HURLEY CIRCA 1936
U.S. Massacre of Filipino Muslims at Bud Bagsak in Jolo
JUNE 11-15, 1913  With this battle, the organized resistance of the Moros
was broken and the episode of "Kris versus Krag" came virtually to an end. There were a few more minor battles, but never again did the Moros place a formidable force in the field against the Americans. The Mohammedans fought
a grand fight at Bagsak against superior weapons. They showed the Americans, as they had showed the Spaniards, that they were not afraid to die. Inset black and white photo shows U.S. troops displaying the severed head of a Muslim victim of the massacre.
CLICK HERE to view more photos of the Bud Bagsak Massacre of 1913
SIDEBAR: The Taosug tribe of Sulu: Proudly Living Centuries Old Traditions
SIDEBAR: Forgotten Memorial to Bloody US Campaign in Jolo

SULU: From 'War Zone' to 'Boom Town'   CLICK HERE
Official Website of the Sulu Government   CLICK HERE
Building Bridges In War-Torn Philippine Paradise   CLICK HERE
L.A. Zamboanga Times Zamboanga City Bureau Chief Al Jacinto comments on his photo of old beggar, below:
   "The old woman has been receiving small amounts of donation from me from time to time---sometimes P100 or P50 and it makes feel so sad because I cannot help poor people like her as often as I want to.
   As a matter of fact, I have one of her photo framed and I'm selling it for P5,500 here and if it sells half of the money will be donated to the city's poor.
   I also hanged her photo in our dining room wall and I always tell my kids to
finish all the food on their plates because many people are so poor that they can only eat once a day---sometimes not even once--and I point to the photo
of this old woman on the wall.
   Many times I have shed tears for these people
seeing how much they suffer. For the past many Decembers, I and my family, together with the kids, drive around Zamboanga City to give small bags of groceries as Christmas gifts to homeless people in our city---such as this old woman."

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief    Caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
What would you rather do? Pay for scholars or feed the poor?
One of the hundreds of homeless panhandlers in the city, this old Muslim woman was begging for coins from worshipers outside a Catholic church in Zamboanga City last Friday, June 2. Earlier, a Good Samaritan gave her a McDonald's sand-
wich and coffee. Her life is a stark contrast to the lifestyles of the officers and members of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California pictured below.

Photos from ZHCSC website                 Caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT
ZHCSC: A night of dining, schmoozing and line dancing...
The night the officers and members of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Sou-
thern California
(ZHCSC) were dining, schmoozing and doing that irritating
"line dance" to the tune of Garth Brook's "Achey Breaky Heart," the old, home-
less beggar in the photo above and these street children were roaming the streets of Zamboanga City looking for their next meal. And while the ZHCSC continues to brag about raising funds and paying for scholarships for deserving students in the city, what has the organization really done to help the city's poor and homeless in its 34 years in existence in America? Nothing!

   If you receive an e-mail with an attachment and supposedly coming from the editor of L.A. Zamboanga Times, please do not open the e-mail because it may contain a VIRUS or WORM harmful to your computer.
   I never send e-mails with attachments to anyone---not even my staffmem-
bers. If ever I do I call them first before sending an e-mail with an attach-
ment. Thank you very much.           -THE EDITOR-

From: "M A." <>
Date: 03 Jun 2006
  Quetal ? I regularly visit & recommend your page. I'm amazed at how you manage to regularly update & maintain this site with excellence.  
  Anyway, in behalf of my mother, Mrs. Julita Fabian-Alviar, I would like to request the contact information of Mr. Jimmy Garcia who was featured in your "Pogi of the Week" section a few weeks ago. His sister used to be my mom's neighbor many years back.
   And if it's not too much to ask, I also need the contact information of Rhodora Peras, she's a cousin of mine. Thanks in advance. God bless you & your staff.
Tess Alviar-Day
New Jersey

Aerial View of Zamboanga Port and City
This is an aerial shot of the city and port of Zamboanga and we are publishing
it here for all to see. Viewing this picture made us feel nostalgic and sentimen-
tal. Special thanks to Rafael Derick Garcellano Evangelista III for sharing his picture with us.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER VERSION

From: "Francisco Una" <>
Date: 23 May 2006
Seeking Ms.Yolanda Zapanta of Milpitas, California
   I would like to have Yolly Zapanta's email address or her phone number.
   My name is Francisco
(Angga) Una, her classmate in AdeZU school of nursing.
She can reach me  at

Thank You Very Much,
Reno, Nevada

EDITOR'S REPLY: We have forwarded your e-mail to Yolanda's sister Alda.
Hopefully Yolanda can get hold of you this weekend. Good luck!

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