Our 10th-year anniversary as an online news organization went by last August 8 without us even noticing it much. Even our 24th-year anni-
versary as a non-profit publication has gone by, too, last Oct. 12, but we were too busy to even celebrate. That's how diligent and committed
we are when it comes to doing our jobs.
    As much as we want to pat ourselves in the back for making it this far in our journey, we cannot---and will not---sit down with a glass of rum and Coke to celebrate and rest on our laurels as yet because we have so much work
to do ahead of us.
    We, at L.A. Zamboanga Times, would want
to make it abundantly clear though that we believe that without our fanatic readers --- friends or not --- and our editorial contributors, volunteers and loyal supporters---we wouldn't
be here today to serve and inform our people.
    We promise to continually strive to do our
best to give our readers breaking news from
our city, dramatic photos and in-depth investi-
gative reports which has been the hallmarks of L.A. Zamboanga Times since 1986.
     We will continue to be vigilant as we work and will not hesitate to question anyone --- even friends and relatives --- who put their interests above that of our people and community.
     Last, but not least, we pledge to continue
to be fair and objective --- in our pursuit of journalistic excellence --- as we have done in
the past 24 years.