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Charlie is a Zamboangue
photojournalist based in Manila. (CLICK HERE)

* History Awaits US Soldiers in Sulu    CLICK HERE


The History of the Moros
By Vic Hurley


This was the final front page layout --- designed by John (Boboy) Shinn III, founder & editor of L.A. Zamboanga Times --- of the maiden issue (May 1-7, 1996) of The Indep-
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Christmas Greetings from Zamboanga City, Philippines
During the month of December each year, Zamboanga City is transformed from "Asia's
Latin City" into the "City of Bright Lights" as City Hall is decorated and adorned with
thousands of bright lights of various colors and sizes. The Christmas spirit is evident all around the city as residents join in celebrating the Yuletide season by also decorating their homes with more lights than ever before. This year, as in Christmas past, City Hall
is again the "must see" place in town. Mayor Celso Lobregat should be credited for putting Zamboanga City on the world map and for making our city a favorite tourist destination once again.

Abes Electronics Inc

Jun Navarro and Marino Viguera
ROLANDO (JUN) NAVARRO, JR. (middle) is in Los Angeles visiting friends and relatives.
Jun was part of world boxing champion MANNY PACQUIAO's entourage that accom-
panied the boxing champ to the U.S. for his Nov. 13 fight against ANTONIO MARGARI-
TO at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. PACQUIAO won the 12-round fight. JUN
is the best friend of PACQUIAO's brother, BOBBY PACQUIAO. Also in the picture are
MARINO VIGUERA (left), who retired from Coca-Cola in Zamboanga City last year and
is now living in Los Angeles and KENNY SHINN (right).

EDITOR'S NOTE: On October 9, 2010, the club's website---run and maintained by JUN ILUSTRISIMO---posted for the first time the club's new list of elected offi-
cers after L.A. Zamboanga Times revealed four (4) days earlier that the club's website was trying to deceive visitors into believing that RANDY DAGALEA was still president of the club--
-ten (10) months after ROLLIE SANTOS was elected president of the club and a full five (5) months after the officers led by SAN-
TOS were inducted into office.
    There are reports reaching us from Zamboanga City indicating
that the club's disgraced former president RANDY DAGALEA may have been trying to secure a multi-million peso loan from a local bank --- using his position as president of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California (ZHCSC) ---
to finance an ambitious personal business venture there.
   DAGALEA has been making annual trips to Zamboanga City in
the last several years---even before he became president of the
L.A.-based ZHCSC, the largest Zamboangueño organization outside Zamboanga City---in 2008.

    In many of his trips, DAGALEA openly discussed his plans of building a multi-level "parking structure" in the city after finding out that the lack of parking space has become one of the major problems of the local government.
    In addition to this plan, DAGALEA had also been meeting with some of the city's elected officials---including Mayor Celso Lobregat--- and discussing ways to start installing "parking meters" around the city and sharing the proceeds with the city government. Both businesses, according to people familiar with DAGALEA's plans, were warmly received by the officials.
    "All the officials he (DAGALEA) met to discusss his business plans had promised
to help him out---if he can only come up with the money," said one source, who
was present at one of the meetings.
     While DAGALEA's plans seemed good---and coming at a time when the city could use the additional funds---the lack of investors from the city's business community, plus his (DAGALEA) inability to finance the businesses with his own money---had driven DAGALEA to search for additional funding elsewhere.
      "That's when someone from within the club came up with the bright idea that if DAGALEA try to secure a multi-million peso loan from a local bank there using his position as president of the Zam-
boanga Hermosa Club of Southern California (ZHCSC)---then it would be easier to secure the loan---because of the good reputa-
tion of the ZHCSC---as DAGALEA did not meet the strict loan re-
quirements from banks in Los Angeles," a highly-reliable source
in L.A. told L.A. Zamboanga Times.

Could this be the reason why DAGALEA was made to appear to still be the presi-
dent of the club --- on the club's website being run and maintained by JUN ILUS-
--- until the end of 2010? Had we not made an issue out of it----DAGALEA would have been listed as "President" for the term "2008-2010."
In May 2009, L.A. Zamboanga Times launched an investigation of DAGALEA, who was president of the club, for "sexual misconduct" and "conflict of interest" and found him "morally unfit" to serve as the club's president after our investigations revealed that DAGALEA was "openly" having an affair with a "married" female member of the organization.
    The ZHCSC was founded in 1972 by LOURDES ATILANO-SHINN, grandmother
of L.A. Zamboanga Times founder & editor JOHN BOBOY SHINN III, to honor Zam-
boanga City's patron saint, the Nuestra Señora del Pilar.


       The writer of the e-mails we received from Zamboanga City (below)
wrote something many in our community are probably not aware: that JUAN (JUN) ILUSTRISIMO, JR. is still running the affairs and decisions of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California as if he was still president of the organiza-
tion----almost 9 years after his two-year term ended.

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. We know nothing about rocket science --- but we were able to put the puzzle together and we didn't even have to fly to outerspace to find the answers.

date: Sat, Oct. 30, 2010 at 5:30 PM
The officers of the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern Calif. should continue the legacy of your grandmother Lourdes Shinn --- who founded the club in 1972
--- that is, to UNITE all Zamboangueños in Southern California because the club belongs to all Zamboangueños

   I went to your website and read all the things you said were true. The only thing is I already forgot their names but since you did mentioned their names
now I can remember them.

   I agree with you but the best way that you can help this club which was
founded by your grandma Lourdes Shinn in 1972 is to ask them to continue the legacy which she started in the 70's and that is to UNITE all the Zam
in California especially in the Los Angeles area.

   The club's current officers should reach and open their arms to all of you there in LA, Orange and San diego counties and not for their own interest because the club belongs to all Zamboangueños.
  Good job by reminding them. Hasta luego. Recuerdos con tu familia.

Zamboanga City, PHILIPPINES

date: Tue, Oct. 12, 2010 at 6:21 PM
First of all, my question is this: Is Jun Ilustrisimo a 'true' Zamboangueño? L.A. Zamboanga Times should investigate Jun Ilustrisimo---not Randy Dagalea
      First of all, my question is this: Is Jun Ilustrisimo a 'true' Zamboangueño?  I
think he is, but I know for sure his wife is.
   This is only my suggestion. I think you should focus your investigation on Jun Ilustrisimo and not Randy Dagalea, I overheard when I was there last year that
Jun is still running the club and dictating what the club  should do first with the blessing of the
few offiicers who are very much close to him.
     No wonder why some of the officers who used to be very active decided not
seek reelection. While the ZHCSC and its officers were celebrating their fiesta there last weekend, their Club President (Rollie Santos) was here with us waiting to launch  his new Chavacano Dictionary, though I should say that this is more important for it will benefit not only us Zamboangueños but those from other races who are interested in our dialect.
     Thank you.
Zamboanga City, PHILIPPINES


*Pres. Aquino hails slain teacher LORNA PULALON as a "model" teacher    CLICK HERE
*Suspect FELIN MATEO was spurned by a 16-year old before rampage   CLICK HERE

P e d r o   L i m   D i m a g u i l a , J r .
May 12, 1929  -  Oct. 18, 2010
  PEDRO LIM DIMAGUILA, JR., grandson of the Late Gov.
Luis Lim and Encarnacion Tarroza,  passed away last Oct. 18, 2010
in Iloilo City at the age of 81. He is survived by siblings---Teresita Dimaguila Vasquez and Francisco 'Paco' Dimaguila
and his chil-
Anne Marie Dimaguila Dacula, Stevan S. Dimaguila, Juancho S. Dimaguila, Pedro S. Dimaguila III, and Dennis S. Dimaguila .
  For more info e-mail Peter by clicking HERE.

Peter Dimaguila III is New Managing Editor; Titong San Juan
is Online Editor; Joby Shinn is Las Vegas Bureau Chief
      L.A. Zamboanga Times founder & editor John BOBOY Shinn III announced the
appointment of Peter Dimaguila III of Las Vegas as LAZT's new Managing Editor. Dimaguila will replace Titong San Juan---managing editor since 2002---who was pro-
moted to Online Editor. Zeller (Joby) Shinn will take over Dimaguila's post as Las
Vegas Bureau Chief.
       The change will not affect LAZT's day-to-day operations, said Shinn, who still
does most of the editing, photography, writing and maintaning the LAZT website.
The appointment will bring Dimaguila's valuable Internet experience and back-
ground in the social network area to LAZT, Shinn said after making the announce-


LAZT Founder & Editor

The Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern Calif. never seem to learn from its many past mistakes
LOS ANGELES --- This year, like several years in the past, I have not received any
flyer from the Zamboanga Hermosa Club of Southern California in regards to the
organization's Fiesta Pilar celebrations this month. Bueno pa el grupo de Florida,
Northern California, Vancouver, Arizona, Las Vegas, Toronto, Canada y Zamboanga City---ta imbia de ila press release para anuncia el fetcha de ila celebracion del fiesta.
       I don't even know who the president of this organization is at present because
the officers don't seem to care to inform our community through press releases
which is the norm for any organization with a new set of officers. There seem to
be a more "sinister" motive of trying to keep our community from being informed
about what's going on with the club.      CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

Schedule of Fiesta Pilar Festivities in the US & Canada
Zamboanga City gears for 2010 October Fiesta Pilar Festival
LAZT Manila Bureau Chief

Photo by JORGE RAMON SENECA DUQUILLO / Special to L.A. Zamboanga Times
Last year's week-long Fiesta Pilar celebrations in Zamboanga City included a parade
of colors on the city's streets.    

Florida  Zamboangueños de Florida Association
     Zamboangueños de Florida Assoociation will be celebrating Fiesta Pilar on Sa-
turday, Oct. 30 starting with a Mass @ 12:00 noon.  A lot of fun & games will await everyone like line dancing, karaoke minus-one and, of course, the delicious food we will be sharing after the Mass.
      For more details of the event, see our website: Zamboanguenos de FL Assn.
Marivic Hongco Perez, Father Cromwell Cabrisos, who is one of the associate pas-
tors at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Clermont will be officiating the Mass---
scheduled at 12 noon. Please plan to be there by that time.

Photo by CHITO IGNACIO / LAZT Florida Bureau
      The Zamboangueños de Florida Association was founded in 2003 by Louie Perez,
LAZT Florida Bureau Chief (inset, top) and Chito Ignacio (inset, bottom), LAZT De-
puty Bureau Chief. This year the Fiesta Pilar festivities will be held on Oct. 30 as it is the only date available for the group.

Las Vegas  Orgulloso de Zamboangueños de Las Vegas
WHAT: 2010 Orgulloso de Zamboangueños de Las Vegas (OZLV) Fiesta Pilar Celebration
WHERE: Herbanos Residence, 2383 Rainswept Ave., Henderson, NV 89052
WHEN: Oct. 9, 2010 Saturday 11:00 AM (Prayer service will start at 11 AM Sharp!)
WHAT TO BRING FOR POTLUCK: Each family should bring at least one dish, those
ladies and gentlemen who would like to drink booze is encourage to bring their
choice of beer, hard drinks or wine.

L.A. Zamboanga Times Photo
The Orgulloso de Zamboangueños de Las Vegas' first Fiesta Pilar celebration in 2008

Vancouver, British Columbia  Calling All Zamboangueños
Zamboangueños in Vancouver, British Columbia, will have a Fiesta Pilar celebration
on Saturday, Oct. 9 at the Our Lady of Mercy Center in Burnaby, British Columbia.
Festivities will start around noon. For more detials, e-mail Barb or Noemi Rodriguez

Photo by JANET CHIONG / LAZT Vancouver Bureau Chief

Toronto, Canada   Zamboanga Hermosa Canada

Photo by AIDING ELAGO-D'ORAZIO / LAZT Toronto Bureau Chief
Newly-elected officers of the Zamboanga Hermosa Canada are being sworn in by
Honorable Peter Fonseca, MMP, Mississauga East, during the Fiesta PIlar and 21st anniversary celebration of the association held at the Larry Taylor Auditorium in Mississauga in 2007.

Military Task Force rescue trader Vinton So in Talon-Talon
LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
  ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines (Al Jacinto / Sept. 21, 2010) – Government troops rescued Monday a kidnapped Chinese-Filipino trader in a surprise raid on a hideout
in Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines, officials said.
   Officials said four gang members were captured in
the raid in Talon-Talon village where Vinton So was re-
covered at around 3:30 p.m. The raiders, led by Colonel Santiago Baluyot, commander of an anti-terror task
force, swooped down on the gang’s hideout and res-
cued the 47-year old junk shop owner without firing
a single shot.
   “It was quick. The kidnappers were surprised by the
raid and we rescued Vinton So without any shots fired,” Col. Baluyot told reporters adding, the rescue was part
of a joint intelligence operation with the local police. So was the third victim of kidnapping this year in Zamboanga City.
   On June 17 this year, the Abu Sayyaf group --- an armed group operating in the
region composed of radical Filipino Muslim militants with ties to the Al- Qaeda terrorist network based in Southern Philippines --- abducted Vicente (Teng) Bar-
rios, who comes from a local prominent clan, while visiting the family's fish pond business in the eastern part of town. Barrios was released August 21 after his family paid an undisclosed amount of ransom.
    Charlie Reith, a wealthy land owner whose family settled in the city from Swit-
zerland at the turn of the century, was abducted from his home at the family's
estate as he was entertaining a friend visiting from Germany.  He was freed on
June 16 after his friends and family raised money to pay the kidnappers for his
"room and board"---a preferred term used by the Aby Sayyaf over the word
"ransom"---while Reith was in captivity.

Junk shop owner abducted in Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City
LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
     ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines (Al Jacinto / Sept. 20, 2010) – Unidentified gunmen barged into a junk shop and seized its Chinese-Filipino owner in Zamboanga City in
the southern Philippines, the military said on Monday.
   It said gunmen abducted Vinton So, 47, in the village of Santa Maria on Sunday
afternoon, but his family only reported the incident later in the day. “We have
forces helping the police locate the victim and his abductors,” said First Lieutenant
Jinky Perez, a regional army spokesperson.
   The victim’s family did not give any statement or whether the gunmen demanded
any ransom, but officials said the abductors told So’s wife: “Don’t worry, this is purely business.”
   Police officials also did not give any statement and avoided journalists who were
trying to get information about the latest abduction. The motive of the abduction is unknown, but suspicion fell heavily on the Abu Sayyaf group which had kidnapped wealthy traders in Zamboanga in the past.
   So was the third victim of kidnapping this year in Zamboanga City after Abu Sayyaf militants seized Vicente Barrios, a fish pond operator; and Charlie Reith, a land owner. Both had been freed in exchange for ransoms.
   Dozens of traders and businessmen in Zamboanga have also received threats from kidnappers and urged authorities to put efforts in protecting them.
   Several people were also kidnapped in Zamboanga City in recent years and were released only after their families paid huge ransoms.

Remembering My Bestfriend RICKY V. LOPEZ-VITO


 Photos by Dr. David Friedman / Special to L.A. Zamboanga Times
Remembering Those Who Died on September 11, 2001
     As the Twin Towers were burning on that fateful morning of Sept. 11, 2001, EMILIE BAUTISTA,
a Zamboangueña nurse working at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York helped set up a tri-age area outside the hospital grounds in anticipation of the wounded survivors of the attack  being brought to the facility.
     From across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Emilie's friend, DR. DAVID FRIEDMAN, who also works at the hospital, could see plumes of smoke coming from the Twin Towers. He had
just seen
the second plane crash into the New York landmark..

     The next day the scene at the hospital was chaotic as rescuers were still digging and searching for survivors in and around "ground zero." Hundreds of volunteers were needed to help find more survivors.
     So, Dr. Friedman and Emilie volunteered to help out in the massive operation which brought
them within yards of "ground zero." We received the above images from Emilie on Sept. 13.
The set also included pictures Emilie took showing the wounded arriving at the hospital the
day of the attack.
    We've never met Emilie before the tragic incident---nor did we know who she was. Or how
even looked like as she did not include a picture of her or her friend, Dr. Freidman.

    In the aftermath of the attack, Emilie and Dr. Friedman simply disappeared from our radar---
most likely they got busy at the hospital or getting back to normal with their personal lives.
    We thanked Emilie and Dr. Friedman for sending us the dramatic pictures taken at "ground zero" two days later on Sept. 13.
    We will attempt to locate both these heroic individuals---who opted to share with our readers
their frontline images without much of a fuss if they credit or not. Such selfless actions were
evident everywhere in New York.
     Thank you, Emile and Dr. Friedman----thank you for being heroes when America needed you

Photo by John L. Shinn III / LAZT

Junie's friends & family gather to see him one last time

Posted on August 29, 2010 @ 3:41 p.m.
By John L. Shinn III
LAZT Founder & Editor
        LOS ANGELES --- Close to 80 of Junie Toribio's childhood friends and loved ones
----including his only daughter Caressa----came to see him one last time during  his
viewing last Saturday, August 28, 2010 at
the Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park
& Mortuary in North Hollywood, Calif.
       Caressa Toribio, Junie's only daughter who now lives in San Jose, Calif. thanked
those who came to pay their last respects to her dad, while Winnie Toribio, Junie's
older brother who now lives in Burnaby, Canada, said they were grateful to family friends and relatives in L.A. who helped make the viewing and cremation arrange-
ments for Junie.
      While thanking those who came for the viewing, Winnie credited a close family friend, Gines Villa (who is a relative of mine on the Shinn side) of Carson, Calif. who, Winnie said, almost single-handedly took charged of the situation from L.A. by coor-
dinating with Caressa and the proper entities
and making the necessary arrange-
ments after Junie passed away, August 21.
     "Without the help of Gines, we don't know what would have happened to Junie,"
Winnie said.
     The Toribio family said Junie will be cremated and his remains will be brought
back to Zamboanga City for proper burial.


Junie Toribio's Family Thanked Gines Villa For Being A True Family Friend
EDITOR'S NOTE:  L.A. Zamboanga Times takes this opportunity to thank
(and praise) Gines Villa for
making the necessary arrangements for Junie's viewing and cremation. It was truly a monumental task for him: grieving the loss of a dear friend on one hand and at the same time conducting business with the proper entities to make sure Junie's friends and loved ones will have the chance to view him one last time.
    As our friend, it was truly inspiring for us to have witnessed Gines and his good deeds---and his undying devotion to his friendship with Junie even in death---because action speaks louder than words.
Felix 'Junie' Toribio (47)  November 29, 1962 - August 21, 2010

    Our dear friend Felix "Junie" Toribio passed away last Saturday,
 August 21---almost 10 years after he suffered a stroke caused by
aneurism of the brain.
     Viewing of his remains was held last Saturday, August 28 at the
Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park & Mortuary located at 10621 Victory Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91606. Viewing was from 3 p.m.
to 9 p.m. Saturday, August 28.
      After the viewing, Junie's remains will be cremated and brought
home to Zamboanga City for proper burial.

ZAMBO NEWS: Vicente 'Teng' Barrios Freed in Basilan!

Photo courtesy of Basilan Provincial Deputy Governor AL RASHEED SAKALAHUL
A photo released to L.A. Zamboanga Times by Basilan provincial deputy governor Al Rasheeed Sakalahul shows freed Zamboanga City trader Vicente Barrios (center)
shortly after gaining his freedom Saturday, August 21, 2010. With Barrios are Basilan provincial deputy governor Al Rasheed Sakalahul (left) and Basilan military chief
Brig. General Eugenio Clemen
(right).     (Al Jacinto / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief)


* MILF believes military behind blast and Gov. Tan of Sulu, the target    CLICK HERE
* Suicide bomber identified as Reynaldo Apilado of Caragasan  CLICK HERE
* Zamboanga blast targets Sulu Governor Sakur Tan     CLICK HERE
* Zamboanga blast not a suicide bombing----police    CLICK HERE
* President Aquino condemns Zamboanga airport bombing    CLICK HERE
* PAL beefs up security following Zamboanga bombing    CLICK HERE
* British national among those injured in Zambo airport blast    CLICK HERE

Philippine police investigators sift through the suicide bombers' scattered and bloody body parts in search of clues and evidence after Thursday night's explosion
at the Zamboanga International Airport. The intended target was Sulu Governor Sakur Tan, who survived a similar attempt on his life last year in Jolo in the Sulu Archipelago in southern Philippines.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS
First suicide bombing in the Philippines
Suicide bomber detonates explosives at crowded airport in Zamboanga City, around 6:30 Thursday night in attempt to kill Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan


LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief

     ZAMBOANGA CITY, Southern Philippines (Aug. 5, 2010) – One person was killed
and more than a dozen were wounded in an apparent suicide bombing attack Thurs-
day evening outside the Zamboanga International Airport here, police said.
    Police investigators said the target of the suicide bombing was Sulu Governor Sa-
kur Tan, who was only slightly injured in the blast despite. Tan was about to exit the airport's arrival gates after returning from Manila when the blast occurred.
    “There were a lot of people waiting for their relatives to come out of the arrival
area and I was near the man, in fact I saw the flash from the explosion,” he told reporters at the scene.
     The powerful explosion decapitated the body of the bomber, police said. At least
16 people, including an unidentified foreigner, were wounded in the attack. “The target of the attack was Governor Sakur Tan. It was a suicide attack and the gover-
nor was lucky to escape only with minor injuries,” said a member of the SWAT team guarding the airport said.
     Gov. Tan would not say whether the attack was politically motivated or nor
who was behind it, but added that he filed corruption and criminal charges against several politicians in Sulu. “It is too early to say who was behind the attack. Let us
wait for the conclusion of the police investigation,” he said.
    The governor, known to many as a deeply religious man and a philanthropist, said
he was heading to Sulu when the attack occurred. He was to meet with Philippine police chief Jesus Versoza in Sulu on Friday for an important conference.
    Last year, Gov. Tan survived a roadside bombing attack in Sulu which police claimed was masterminded by his political foes.

from: Reynaldo P. Legarde
date: Thu, Aug. 5, 2010 at 2:37 AM
Greetings from Namibia: Two Zamboangueño families
are now naturalized citizens of "The Land of the Brave"

    Hi Boboy!
   Thank you so much for accepting my invite to be your friend on Facebook. I've
known you for over 15 years now from the time I came across your website
     I've known also the Shinn family of Zamboanga City starting from your late
grandma, Lourdes Shinn, who was my former teacher at Zambo. Central School
(John Illustrisimo & I were under her class). Your late grandfather John (Boy)
Shinn Sr. who worked at the Bureau of Customs in the city and your late father
John (Johnny) Shinn Jr. who introduced the game of billiards in our city in 1959.
    Talking about the number of Filipinos here in Namibia, we're about a hundred including children. Majority of us are already naturalized citizens including my
family and another Zamboangueño family:  Dr. & Mrs. Eleazar Jamora.
     Bye now & thanks for your time.

Reynaldo P. Legarde

EDITOR'S RESPONSE: Rey, thank you for taking your time to write us about your
family's whereabouts since most of us who grew up in Zamboanga City are now
living overseas. Na de amun generation---those who were born in the decade bet-
ween 1960 and 1970---mucho de amun ya bene aqui na America. Next time, imbia
letrato de vosotros alli na Namibia para puede ustedes man re-connect with long
lost friends and relatives.

N E W !
heck out our all-new 'CHISMIS OF THE WEEK'   
Click Here
* 3 clase de Zamboangueña no quiere kame aqui na L.A.

A new series of photos by BOBOY now available on Facebook


Pros & cons si ustedes man 'retire' na Zamboanga City
PROS:   Man una kita con el mga pros: Bonito gane man retire na de atun ciudad. Mucho pa kita mga pariente y amigos alla, barato el comida y el caballas bien abundancia., el mga "happenings" uste ya lang cuidao escuhi. Para con aquellos mga "single" and ready to mingle---mucho tambien mga dalagitas na de atun cuidad. Pero el numero uno pros porque bonito man retire alla: cay el dollar times 46 pesos el valor.
CONS:    Ara se, mira kita con el mga cons: El peace and order daw mas malo ya man. Mucho ya tamen kidnappings. Si sabe el mga chongo estaba uste na America y retired ya---posible uste ay queda target for kidnapping.
     El sociedad de atun alla---hende mas ta respeta con el vida del un gente. Ta habla
gane sila antes----y deberasan pa este hasta este mga tiempo----cay "isang bala ka
lang." Quiere decir de tuyu vida all valor de un bala lang ($1) cay un bala lang man nesesita para mata un persona.


Posted on JUNE 22, 2010 @ 4:37 a.m.
Nits Viguera, Jimmy Lopez & daughter Princess Lopez at a friend's wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica last year.

Charlie Reith Rescued!!!

Zamboangueños in the U.S. rejoice on the 'good news'
Article by AL JACINTO
LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief

   ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines (Al Jacinto / June 16, 2010)
– Security forces res-
cued Wednesday a Filipino with Swiss ancestry on a coastal village in the southern Philippine city of Zamboanga, police said.
    Senior Superintendent Edwin de Ocampo, the local police chief, said Charlie Reith,
72, was rescued in Labuan village and that operations were going on to capture the kidnappers.
   “Charlie Reith is rescued and there is still an ongoing operation in the area,” De Ocampo said. De Ocampo did not give details of the daring rescue which began at
3 a.m., but he said security forces surprised the kidnappers that led to the rescue of Reith.

   De Ocampo did not say whether Moro rebels were involved in the kidnapping,
but three photos of Reith’s captors the police previously made public showed one
of them was involved in the kidnapping of Irish missioner Michael Sinnott in Paga-
dian City in Zamboanga del Sur province in October last year.
   Sinnott, 80, was freed two months later in the village of Sangali in Zamboanga City after private negotiators paid huge ransom to the kidnappers, believed to be Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels who originally demanded two million dollars for the priest’s safe release.
   Reith, who was kidnapped on April 4, was taken to hospital for medical examina-
   Authorities said at least 8 armed men stormed Reith’s beach house in Zamboanga City’s Patalon village and seized him. His friend, German national Karl Reichling, managed to fight off the raiders. The kidnappers later demanded P20 million for
Reith’s safe release and at one time threatened to cut off his finger if his family
does not pay up.

  A video sent several weeks ago by the kidnappers to his friends showed Reith,
frail and bearded, reading the ransom demand inside a makeshift tent.
   Reith’s father was married to a Filipino woman and his family owns a vast track of
land in Zamboanga City.
   No group or individual claimed responsibility for Reith’s kidnapping. But the mili-
tary tagged MILF sub-leader Malista Malanca and Abu Sayyaf commander Khair
Mundos as responsible for Reith’s kidnapping. Authorities have linked both groups
to previous kidnappings and terrorism in Zamboanga.
    Kidnappings-for-ransom in Zamboanga City were not uncommon. Many foreigners
and wealthy traders had been kidnapped in the past and released only after their
family paid huge ransom. Among past kidnap victims in Zamboanga City were Taiwa-
nese, Belgian, German and Chinese citizens. 


Photo by BOBOY SHINN /


The Eubanks from Honolulu, Hawaii
Nila Sebastian-Eubank (4th from left), wife of the late Clarence (Nonoy) Eubank III,
is visiting from Honolulu with her daughter Joni (3rd from left). Her son, Bryan (2nd
from right) works in L.A. Others in photo, from left to right: Kenny Shinn, mom Flora-
may Lasola-Shinn, Joni, Nila, Bryan and Ralph Shinn. Photo was taken at the Shinn's
residence in Covina, California.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER IMAGE

From: Ambegia Marydaine <>
Hello and buen dia Kon to dos,
    My uncle, Dimas Bayot Fonollera (late brother of Nerissa Ambegia) passed
away at a hospital in Zamboanga City, Philippines last Tuesday, May 25 at
10:30 pm.
    Please include him in your daily prayers. May he---through the Mercy of God---rest in Peace.
   Thank you friends and relatives for your time and for being there for my
mom when she's down at most.

Love always,
Marydaine "Daine" Ambegia

date: Wed, May 26, 2010 at 9:37 AM
OBITUARY: Death notice and memorial service
announcements for ALEX AYSON SOLIS of San Diego

Dear Boboy,
       Kindly publish this notice in your the untimely demise of ALEX AYSON SOLIS, 55 yrs. Old of San Diego, California and Zam-
boanga City, who died in a vehicular rollover accident while driving his Ford Expedition up in Bakersfield, CA last Friday May 21, 2010.
       ALEX is survived by his wife Irene Gaane-Solis, son, Brian & wife Abby
and two grandchildren, Kailani & Lilo; son, Brandon & Felice. The body will
be cremated and Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, May 29, 2010
at Corpus Christi Church @ 2:00 PM. Bonita, California.

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2010
Corpus Christi Church
450 Corral Canyon Rd.
Bonita, CA 91902

      Please keep Alex in your prayers and may he rest in peace.

Junie A. Solis
National City, California

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jun, please accept our deepest condolences on the unexpected
passing away of Alex. May he rest in eternal peace in Heaven....From the Shinns of Covina and the L.A. Zamboanga Times staff.

Scion of Zambo City large clan shot dead
by Dan Toribio Jr.
Zamboanga Times Online

    The scion of a large and prominent family of Zamboanga City is the latest fatality of fatal shootings which appeared as being carried out by hired gunmen.
    Ralph Madrigal y Atilano, 35, of Canelar, this city was shot dead last Monday afternoon after coming out of the Zamboanga City Medical Center where he was employed as x-ray technician at the Radiology Department.
   Madrigal sustained multiple bullet wounds in the different parts of the body
and died while undergoing treatment.
    Initial investigation disclosed that Madrigal and his companion identified
as Andre Rivera had just come out of the Zamboanga City Medical Center gate along Veterans Avenue around 5 p.m. aboard separate motorcycles when ano-
ther motorcycle appeared and its backrider opened fire on Madrigal near the
Blue Pearl Hotel.
    Rivera told the police that he was driving his motorcycle ahead of Madrigal
when he heard several shots and stopped. When he turned his face, he saw
his companion bloodied on the ground and was screaming for help.
   The gunmen disappeared amid the crowded road while Madrigal was rushed
to the ZCMC. Few hours later, Madrigal expired while undergoing treatment.
    Investigators recovered two deformed slugs of an unknown firearm caliber
at the crime scene.
    City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin Deocampo disclosed that he and his men were following up a lead that could unmask the killer or killers.
     Deocampo said the police have gathered information on the background of
the victim that would lead to the arrest of the killers.
     Madrigal’s late mother is the daughter of a Zamboangueño song composer who belongs to the large Atilano clan of Zamboanga City.

FROM: "Emily Divinagracia" <>    
DATE: Mon, May 10, 2010
Searching For Antonio Pardo of AdeZU Class of '57 
Dear Mr. Shinn,
   I found your email address while googling the name of Antonio Pardo from Zamboanga, and stumbled upon an article in the LA Zamboanga Times website calling on AdezU alumni for a reunion. As I do not know how to reach Mr. Pardo
of Class '57, I was hoping you could help me get in touch with him or his rela-
   A friend who is a professor at Clark Atlanta University has known for some
time that his maternal great-grandfather named Antonio Pardo Casajuz was
the last Spanish procurator fiscal in Zamboanga in the late 19th century. He is wondering if he has any relatives in the Philippines, but does not know where
to start looking, since this is the only information he has. I offered to help,
since I'm Pinay and it would be easier for me to get in touch with the different institutes or the national archives if necessary.
   I thought this would be a good place to start, though. Would you happen to know any local historians, or anyone from the Pardo family in Zamboanga, who might be able to help?
   Thank you very much in advance.
   Best regards,
   Emily Divinagracia

Reporters Without Borders Open Letter to GMA    CLICK HERE


A motorcycle rigged with a powerful remote-controlled bomb exploded just outside
the Sta. Isabel Cathedral in downtown Isabela, City in Basilan just 30 minutes after
Muslim militants clashed with Philippine government troops in the outskirts of the
city, Tuesday, April 13. One person died and another was wounded here.
15 Dead after Muslim militants clash with Philippine troops
in Basilan; Powerful bomb explodes outside Catholic church
LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief

   BASILAN, Philippines (Al Jacinto / April 13, 2010) – Abu Sayyaf militants disguised as policemen and army troops detonated bombs and opened fire Tuesday in Isabela City
in the southern Filipino province of Basilan, triggering clashes that killed at least 15 people, officials told the regional newspaper the Mindanao Examiner.
    Officials said soldiers clashed with at least six militants who were transporting improvised explosives in a van near the Basilan National High School. The fighting, which broke out at around 10 a.m., left five people dead - two soldiers and three militants.
    A motorcycle bomb exploded 30 minutes later outside a Catholic church and killed one civilian and wounded several more. Another bomb planted on a road just outside the house of a local judge was detonated by authorities, but the powerful blast damaged his garage.
    The other militants escaped after holding several civilians and used them as shield. Some of them were killed, including a policeman who tried to rescue the hostages. Security forces were pursuing the Abu Sayyaf gunmen, but the fate of the hostages remains unknown.
    “We are pursuing the Abu Sayyaf which is behind the bombing,” said First Lieute-
nant Steffani Cacho, a regional army spokeswoman. She said the militants were clad
in police and military uniforms.
     Senior Superintendent Antonio Mendoza, the provincial police chief, said they
have put up checkpoints and road blocks to prevent the militant from escaping.
“We have put up checkpoints and road blocks and operations are going on against
the terrorists,” he said.
   On Monday, an army soldier was also wounded in an ambush by suspected Abu
Sayyaf and Muslim rebels in Ungkaya Pukan town outside Isabela City.

April 13, 2010: Charlie's 9th Day in Captivity

CALL TO ACTION     Let us pray for Charlie Reith's safety...

    We all share the shock and disbelief on the news of his kidnapping at
his home in Patalon in Zamboanga City last Sunday, April 4.
Charlie Reith
is a Zamboangueño like us---and he's always been one of us.

    This coming Sunday, April 18 --- exactly 2 weeks after his abduction --- when you go to church, we ask that you please remember Charlie in your prayers. Let us pray for his safety and well-being while he's in captivity.
Let us pray for his safe return home.
     To those responsible for his abduction, we humbly asked that Charlie
be treated with compassion as he is sick and in need of medications and medical attention.                                  - John L. Shinn III, LAZT Founder & Editor -

Businessman Charlie Reith Kidnapped from Patalon home!

Charlie Reith, 72, a Swiss-born and naturalized Filipino---in this undated police photo acquired by the regional newspaper the Mindanao Examiner---was kidnapped Sun-
day, April 4, 2010, by eight gunmen from his beach house in Patalon village in Zam-
boanga City in the southern Philippines.
As of press time, no group has claimed responibility
      ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines (Al Jacinto / April 5, 2010) – Gunmen clad in police uniform raided a private resort and abducted a Swiss man in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga, officials said Monday.
    Officials said the at least 8 armed men stormed the resort at around 6 p.m. Sunday
in Patalon village and seized Charlie Reith, 72. His friend, German national Karl Reich-
ling, managed to fight off the raiders.
    “The raiders, disguised as policemen, arrived on several speed boats and abduted Reith. We have launched a pursuit operation, but it was too dark to track down the raiders,” said Army Colonel Santiago Baluyot, commander of a local anti-terror task force.
     Reith has been living in Zamboanga City for about four decades and owns a vast
track of land. And Reichling is married to a Filipino woman and also lives in Zamboa-
nga City.
    No group or individual claimed responsibility for the abduction and the motive is
still unknown. But officials said ransom could be the motive for the abduction.
    Baluyot said Reith, who is a naturalized Filipino, may have been taken either to nearby Basilan or Zamboanga del Norte provinces. Other reports and some of
Reith's friends said he was born in Zamboanga City, whose Swiss father was married
to a Filipino woman.
     Abu Sayyaf militants and Moro rebels are actively operating in the Zamboanga Peninsula and were linked to previous kidnappings and terrorism.
    Kidnappings-for-ransom in Zamboanga City were not uncommon. Many foreigners and wealthy traders had been kidnapped in the past and released after their family
paid millions in ransom. Among those kidnapped in Zamboanga City in the past were Taiwanese, Belgian, German and Chinese citizens.


    Our dear friend and fellow Zamboangueño, JOEY SALATAN
passed away at around 11 p.m., Tuesday, March 23, in Nor-
thern California. We're still trying to get more information or
any announcements from his family.
    Please include JOEY in your daily  prayers. 
    UPDATE:  For more info contact  Mercy Lu Alampay at the
address or phone numbers, below:
                    Mercy Lu Alampay's (Joey's sister) Address & Phone Numbers:
0116362-990-2850 (Home)
                    01163-926-738-9152 (Cell)                    
                    Exit Gate: Bethany School
                    Brilliantes Subdivision
                    Gov. Ramos Ave.
                    Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City 7000

Businessman Lepeng Wee gets 20 years for smuggling
39 drums of chemicals from Malaysia in 2000

    ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines (PhilStar) — Filipino-Chinese businessman Lepeng Wee, a close friend of former Philippine president Joseph Estrada, was found guilty
of smuggling
39 drums of chemicals from Malaysia in 2000.
    Regional Trial Court Branch 12 Judge Gregorio dela Pena III, in
a 58-page decision, sentenced Wee, also known as Wee Dee Ping,
to at least 20 years in prison for two counts of unlawful importa-
tion or smuggling under Paragraph 4, Section 3601 of Tariff and Customs Code and violation of Section 13 of Republic Act 6969 otherwise known as "Toxic Substances, Hazardous and Nuclear wastes Control Act."
    Also convicted were Nancy Lim and Malaysian Tan Nge Foo.
    Wee, who was Presidential Adviser on Western Mindanao for Economic Affairs during the Estrada administration, was also ordered to pay a fine of P10,000.
    The court also ordered the immediate deportation of Foo,
who is detained at the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center.
    Lim, a Filipina businesswoman, failed to appear during the court's hearing on Friday.
    In 2000, Wee and seven others were charged with illegal importation of toxic che-
micals with an appraised market value P504,290 by the city's former Custom District Collector Lourdes Mangaoang.   (PhilStar Report)

MILF 'Unlikely' to Sign Peace Accord with Outgoing Philippine Pres. Arroyo
Moro Islamic Liberation Front fighters patrol a village Friday, March 12, 2010, near
a rebel base in the southern Philippines. The MILF, which is negotiating peace with Manila, says it is unlikely to sign a peace deal with President Gloria Arroyo who is stepping down in May this year. Arroyo opened up peace talks with the country’s largest Muslim rebel group in 2001 in an effort to end decades of bloody fighting
in the restive, but mineral-rich region of Mindanao.

US Troops deployed in Zamboanga City to fight Abu Sayyaf
Members of the elite Philippine Navy Seal prepare their equipment onboard their speedboat as US troops relax inside the naval headquarters in Zamboanga City, southern Philippines. About 600 US troops are deployed in Mindanao most of
them are based in Zamboanga City---to help train Philippine troops in their fight against the Abu Sayyaf, a Filipino Muslim extremist group with ties to Al Qeada.

Akbayan Protest Against Rising Crime, Unemployment, Traffic
and Uncollected Trash During Mayor Lobregat's SOCA Address

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines --- Anti-riot policemen armed with truncheons blocked
a group of political activists protesting the rising crime, unemployment and other social issues during the state of the city address of Celso Lobregat, the mayor of Zamboanga City last January 28.
    The protesters, mostly from Akbayan party list group, carried placards and
shouted slogans as they tried to march to the Zamboanga City Council building
where Lobregat delivered his state of the city address. Police said the protesters
had no permit to hold a rally, but leaders of the group said they were expressing their freedom of speech.
    "We are only expressing our disgust to the rising crimes - the spate of killings - and the unemployment and many more problems the city is facing under Lobregat," said Edgar Araojo, one of the leaders of the protesters, who is also a university professor. The protesters later dispersed peacefully.
     At the same time, dozens of orphans, mostly children, from the Saint Francis Orphanage, also trooped to the Zamboanga City Council, but they failed to speak
to Lobregat about his plans to take over the orphan house founded and run by a Catholic priest Fr. Arthur Winikoff.
     Some of the children also carried placards appealing to Lobregat not to tak
the orphan house, founded in 1988, away from them. "We are appealing to Mayor Celso Lobregat to spare the orphanage and not to take it away from us. This is
our home," one child said.
     The priest said he signed a contract with the previous mayor, Vitaliano Agan,
and even was commended and praised by Maria Clara Lobregat, a former mayor
of Zamboanga and mother of Lobregat, for Winikoff's sacrifices in running the
orphanage, which sits on a three-hectare government lot. (Al Jacinto)

Remembering the Jan. 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake

The 6.7 Magnitude Quake Lasted 20 seconds, Killed 72, Injured over 9,000 and Cost $20-Billion in Damages

 LAZT Founder & Editor

Kausar is 'innocent' victim of a 'frame-up' by her employer who owned agency & facility
   LOS ANGELES --- Last night, January 15, I had a 42-minute telephone conver-
sation with Kauzar Tugung regarding her arrest last December. Now I can make my report with certainty---and official---that Kauzar was indeed a victim of a
set up by her employer, a Jewish woman, who also owned the facility where she worked and the agency that supplied the caregivers.    TO BE CONTINUED...
Coming Next Week: LAZT interview with Kauzar Tugung

Photos by JOHN BOBOY SHINN III /   © Copyright 2010
My first book project in its final stages
Starting in early 1995, I spent almost three years documenting the
activities of a large group of Filipino teens --- and, in some cases,
their parents --- in Los Angeles, California whose lives were being
determined by the devastating effects of shabu. Below is a conden-
sed version of that study which eventually became the basis of my
first book project called, " Shabu in America."   CLICK HERE


Zamboanga Journalists Join Rally For Massacre Victims
Surrounded by members of the media in the city's main square, Spanish Catholic
priest Angel Calvo (top photo & inset) reads a statement Wednesday, Dec. 23,
in Zamboanga City. The group participated in a nationwide prayer rally to remem-
ber the 57 people---30 of them fellow journalists---who were massacred in Ampa-
tuan, Maguindanao a month ago. The protesters were members of the National
Union of Journalists of the Philippines, the Zamboanga Press Club, the Peace Advocates Zamboanga, Akbayan party list group and the Kapisanan ng mga Brod-
kaster sa Pilipinas (KBP) based in Zamboanga City. The journalists also released
57 white balloons representing each one of those who were murdered. The front
page of Mindanao Examiner (lower photo, inset) echoing the nation's cry for
justice for those who died.

X'mas at the City Hall in Zamboanga City, Philippines
Colourful lights adorn the century-old Spanish edifice which used to be the seat
of government of Zamboanga City, the third largest city in the Philippines.
In the
60s and 70s, Zamboanga City was known worldwide as the "City of Flowers." To-
day, it bills itself as "Asia's Latin City."

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
Downtown L.A. View from the 10 San Bernardino Fwy

Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino - Adelante Zamboanga Party
From left: VP Elago, Nonong Guingona, Mike Alavar, Ller Natividad, Perci Ramos,
Rey Candido, Eddie Saavedra, Lilia Nuño, Celso Lobregat, Cesar Ituralde, Beng Climaco, Rudy Lim, Gerky Valesco, Myra Valderrosa-Abubakar, Bong Atilano, No-
ning Biel, Josephine Pareja, Jimmy Cabato and Kaiser Olaso.

L.A. Zamboanga Times Endorses LDP-AZaP Party
  Los Angeles-based L.A. Zamboanga Times, for the first time in its
23 years in existence, has officially endorsed the LDP-AZaP political
team (above photo) of Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobregat and Congresswoman Beng Climaco.
 "L.A. Zamboanga Times believes that this team, the team of Celso
and Beng, represents the best interest of Zamboanga City and its people," John ("Boboy") Shinn III, LAZT founder & editor, said in a
brief statement released in Los Angeles, Wednesday, Dec. 8.
   L.A. Zamboanga Times is also proud to endorse Kim Elago
for the 2nd District Congressional seat.

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
San Gabriel Mountains Reminds Us It's Winter
The snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains---in this photo taken from the eastbound
10 San Bernardino Freeway from downtown Los Angeles---reminds us that winter is here. The closest an Angeleno can see snow is
in Wrightwood, Calif. located behind these mountains which is about 57 miles away---or an hour and 15 minutes drive
by car.

Shinn Family Tree Goes Back 14 Generations 

 Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
 Deadly Car Chase Ends in West Covina, California
 Several teenagers were taken into custody by the West Covina, Calif. police Wed-
 nesday, Dec. 2 at around 9:44 p.m. after giving up following a deadly car chase
 on residential streets. The intersection ahead of them (behind me), Workman
 Avenue, was cordoned
off by three patrol cars and they were being chased by 4  additional units. Sensing they were cornered, the teenage driver decided to pull  over and stop.     CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER PICTURE

Dec. 9: Happy Birthday to Zeller Ruiz Shinn of Burbank, Calif.

In Zamboanga City, journalists light candles for the souls of 57 victims
including 30 of their own who were also killed in the Nov. 23 massacre
Archbishop Valles lead city in mourning after saying Mass
Members of the Zamboanga Press Club and the National Union of Journalists of
the Philippines light candles Saturday, November 28, 2009
after a Catholic mass
led by Archbishop Romulo Valles
at the Fort Pilar shrine in Zamboanga City for
the souls of 57 people, among them at least 30 journalists massacred in the
town of Ampatuan in Maguindanao province in the southern Philippines. Six journalists are still unaccounted. A town mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr, scion of the powerful Ampatuan clan, is accused of masterminding the slaughter which police
say was election-related. The young Ampatuan denies all charges against him
and instead blames Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels for the November
23 massacre, an allegation denied by the MILF and flatly rejected by Philippine authorities.       (Al Jacinto reporting from Zamboanga City)


Main photo: Philippine military handout         Inset photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS
Maguindanao massacre suspect Andal Ampatuan Jr. in NBI custody
Of the 57 slaughtered by the Ampatuans, 30 were journalists
A government photo, above, shows Presidential Adviser for Mindanao, Jesus Dure-
za, center, presenting Mayor Datu Unsay Andal Ampatuan, Jr., left, to Justice Se-
cretary Agnes Devanadera upon arrival at the General Santos City airport, three
days after the killings. Ampatuan, who is accused of masterminding the November
23 massacre of 57 people, mostly supporters of his political rival and journalists, surrendered Thursday, November 26, 2009 to Dureza in Shariff Aguak town in Ma-
guindanao province to face multiple murder charges against him. As of press time, the number of journalists killed in the massacre is now 30. (By AL JACINTO / LAZT)
     “Never in the history of journalism have the news media suffered such a    
loss of life in one day.”                     -Reporters Without Borders-
International Freedom of Expression eXchange       CLICK HERE
Reporters Without Borders Report      CLICK HERE
Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Condemns Killings     CLICK HERE
Committee To Protect Journalists    CLICK HERE
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia   CLICK HERE

CLASS REUNIONS: Pilar College High School Class of '59

Wanted by the Philippine Government: Dead or Alive

Computer-generated photos of Irish priest Michael Sinnott's kidnappers
An undated Columban photo (at left) of Irish missioner Michael Sinnott, who was kidnapped by six gunmen Sunday, October 12, 2009 in Pagadian City in Zamboanga del Sur in the southern Phi-
lippines. The priest is a native of Barntown, Co. Wexford. He was ordained in 1954 and following studies in Rome and assigned to
the southern Philippine Mindanao Island in 1957. He served in Mindanao until 1966 and was then assigned to the theology staff
in Dalgan Park, Navan in Ireland. He returned to Philippines in
1976 where he has served in a variety of pastoral and adminis-
trative roles. Since 1998 he has been involved with “The Center
and School for Special Children” which he established.  (By AL JACINTO / LAZT)

The Sun Sets On A Filipino Muslim Fisherman in Zambo
A Filipino Muslim fisherman paddles his sailboat called "vinta" as the sun sets in
the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga on Saturday, October 11, 2009.
Zamboanga, which lies on the tip of Mindanao Island, was a former Muslim en-
clave and part of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo. Its first inhabitants
were indigenous people called the Subanon whose tribe can still be found sca-
ttered across the Zamboanga Peninsula.

US troops are deeply involved in Mindanao Conflict
FILE PHOTO, DEC. 4, 2004: A US soldier and his Filipino counterpart on foot
patrol in downtown Jolo, Sulu in the southern Philippines where about 600
American soldiers are training Philippine troops in their war against Filipino
Muslim militants in Mindanao, particularly the Sulu Archipelago-based Abu
    There have been numerous news reports and eyewitness accounts indi-
cating that US servicemen are actually participating in military operations
and are reportedly deeply involved in the Philippine government's fight
against the pro-Al Qaida militants. On Sept. 29, two members of the US
Special Forces were killed in Jolo when an improvised land mine exploded
as they were driving down a jungle road. The militants claimed responsibility
for the attack which also killed a Philippine Marines. ANALYSIS
Benjie Oliveros | With Death of US Troops in Jolo, Will the Philippines Be
Another Vietnam?    FULL ARTICLE

2 US Servicemen Killed By Roadside
Bomb in Jolo, Sulu Are Identified

LAZT Zambo Bureau Chief

    ZAMBOANGA CITY --- A shadowy group
called the Bangsamoro National Liberation
Army has claimed responsibility for the
deadly roadside bombing that killed two
US Special Forces soldiers and a Filipino
Marines in the southern Philippines.
     Sergeant 1st Class Christopher D.
of Markham, Illinois, 37; and Staff Sergeant Jack M. Martin III of Bethany, Oklahoma, 26, were killed on Sep-
tember 29 in the town of Indanan in Sulu province. The Fort Lewis soldiers
belonged to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group. The US Department
of Defense said the incident is under investigation.
     Madarang Sali, BNLA deputy supreme commander, said the attack on the American soldiers was in retaliation to the continued operations of the US and Philippine military against the Moro National Liberation Front in Sulu province.
He said MNLF and BNLA rebels planted the bomb that killed the three soldiers.
     US troops have been deployed in Sulu since 2006---assisting the Philip-
pine military in fighting the Abu Sayyaf, a Filipino Muslim extremist group
seeking the establishment of an Islamic state in the Philippines, whose popu-
lation is 85% Catholic.
     Although security officials deny US forces were directly involved in combat operations, there were numerous reports from civilians and various civil groups
that American soldiers are actually participating in combat operations aimed at capturing or killing militant Filipino Muslim leaders in Sulu and other parts of Mindanao.

'Exclusive' LAZT photos of Sulu bombing scene
Kagay Village, Indanan, Sulu (Sept. 29) --- Al Jacinto, L.A. Zamboanga Times Bu-
reau Chief in Zamboanga City, took this picture of what was left of a U.S. military
Humvee after a roadside bomb completely destroyed it killing two US Special For-
ces operatives and a Philippine trooper. There have been consistent reports in the media and numerous eyewitnesses accounts---of U.S. troops directing and actual participation in Philippine military operations against the Abu Sayyaf, a Filipino Muslim militant group operating in the Sulu Archipelago.
2 US Special Forces Ops Die in Jolo Roadside Bombing
L.A. Zamboanga Times
Zamboanga Bureau Chief

     ZAMBOANGA CITY, Southern Philippines (Mindanao Examiner / September 29, 2009) – A roadside bombing Tuesday (Sept. 29) in the southern Philippines killed
2 members of the US Special Forces and a Philippine Marines. The attack occurred
at around 8.30 a.m. in the village of Kagay near Indanan town in Sulu province
where local troops have been fighting the Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiya mili-
tants since last week. Security officials did not identify the US soldiers. US Special Forces were deployed in Sulu in early 2006 and are aiding the Philippine military
in defeating the Abu Sayyaf. Although security officials deny US forces were directly involved in combat operations, there were numerous reports from civilians that American soldiers actually participated in the operations aimed at capturing or killing militant leaders
in Sulu and other areas in the restive southern region of Mindanao. A US soldier
was also killed and another wounded in a bomb attack at a roadside cafe near an army camp in Zamboanga City in October 2002.   MORE PHOTOS CLICK HERE

Is it Trump's new Taj Majal? Or is it a Luxury Resort?
It's Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, Calif.

The recently-completed Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, Calif. looks
more like a luxury resort in the Bahamas than a medical facility in a small and thriving town in Los Angeles. This is the first time I've seen a hospital built like
a luxury hideaway. If it looks like this outside, I wonder how the interior looks
like. Click HERE to find out how much they charge for various medical procedures.

A Picture A Day...

Photos by JOHN L. SHINN III /
A long way from the Chuck Taylor Converse Days
When my parent's generation were growing up in Zamboanga City, Philippines in 
the 50s and 60s, there were only two kinds of sneakers available: They were the Chuck Taylor Converse canvas shoes with the "Made in the USA" label. They only came in either black or white---that's it. Today, there are hundreds of sneakers to choose from---they come in all colors imaginable---some with very intricate designs and made by hundreds of manufacturers around the world. Puma and Nike would even let you custom color design your order from their available models through
their online store.        CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER VERSION    1.3 MB SIZE

US troops involved in combat in Basilan & Sulu   CLICK HERE

Class Reunions

Photos by courtesy of ZGHSN Class of '74
Las Vegas Reunion & 35th Anniv. of ZGHSN's Class of '74
Twenty-eight members of the Zamboanga General Hospital School of Nursing Class
of '74 and their families got together
in Las Vegas, Nevada last Aug. 2, 3 and 4 for
a reunion. They also marked the group's 35th year anniversary. The reunion was hosted by Gertrude and Bing Herbano of Las Vegas. The highlight of the 3-day
affair was a side trip by bus to Bryse Canyon National Park and Zion National Park

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
The need to renew medical marijuana prescription
I did not notice what the sign said until I edited pictures I took that day. I shot
this picture when I exited the Van Nuys offramp on the 101 Ventura Freeway in Sherman Oaks. I collect pictures like the one above. Panhandlers in America can usually be found on freeway exits. I remember taking a picture of a male panhan-
dler one night in San Francisco not too long ago. His sign read: "NEED MONEY FOR VIAGRA"    CLICK HERE
Katherine Heigl & Mom Lunch in Los Feliz, Aug. 6  CLICK HERE
Katherine Heigl @ Cedars Sinai Hospital, Aug. 14     CLICK HERE


FROM LEFT: Chris Ruiz Shinn, 1st cousin Junie Villanueva Shinn (son of Joseph and
Nilda) of Sun Valley brother Andrew, his wife Erin, brothers Zeller and Martin and
1st cousin John John Barreto Shinn (son of Tony and Leni) of Glendale.

       AUGUST. 13, 1983 
Happy 26th Birthday to CHRISTOPHER SHINN of Burbank, California......FROM UR 30+ FIRST COUSINS IN L.A.... Chris is the son of Archie &
(Ruiz from Laoag City, Ilocos NorteShinn of Burbank and brother of Zeller, Andrew & Martin. Chris celebrated his birthday last Saturday, Aug. 15 with a BBQ
party at the family's residence in Burbank, Calif. LAZT founder & editor John
(Boboy) Lasola Shinn III
of West Covina and Chris are also 1st cousins.

L.A. Zamboanga Times Photo Archive
That's me in January of '87 at 26---holding a copy of the February 1987 issue
Web Anniversary: LAZT Turns 10 on August 8:
Nine years as an online newspaper & 23 years overall
as L.A. Zamboanga Times based in Los Angeles, Calif.

LAZT Founder & Editor

      I was 24 years old when I fled the Philippines on April 3, 1985 and came
to live in voluntary exile in Los Angeles after I was marked for assassination
by the Philippine military for exposing the involvement of top-ranking South-
Com military officers in orchestrating and masterminding the Nov. 14, 1984 assassination of Zamboanga City's legendary mayor Cesar C. Climaco while working as an investigative reporter for Malaya, the country's only opposition newspaper under the Marcos regime at the time.
     (EDITOR'S NOTE: Click HERE to read my story.......)
      My Father chose to send me to L.A. because his mother (my grandmother) Lurding Atilano-Shinn and his six brothers and three sisters were already living
in the Los Angeles area.
      On October 12, 1986, 18 months after my arrival in L.A., I published the maiden issue (300 copies) of L.A. Zamboanga Times, as a 12-page monthly
journal (with up-to-date news from Zamboanga City) that was available
only through a $12/year subscription. By the end of 1989, LAZT had almost
600 paying subscribers from the US, Canada and the rest of the world.
     Before L.A. Zamboanga Times was established, most of the news from Zamboanga City came from family members and relatives who frequently
wrote letters to their loved ones in L.A.---or they got it from the occassional overseas long distance calls. There was no "official" newspaper based in L.A.
that published "official" news from Zamboanga City.
     More often than not, the news from our town that made it to L.A. then
were unverified. The news gets passed around by word-of-mouth and by
the time it reaches anyone---the supposed "news" had already been distor-
ted to fit the messenger's own point of view.
     The LAZT project sounded too ambitious, especially coming from some-
one so young and who just arrived in L.A. Some Zamboangueños were
honest enough to say they doubted if L.A. Zamboanga Times will ever make
it and survive---because no one had attempted to embark on such a project
before. Others just kept their mouth shut and stood in the sidelines with a "wait-and-see" look on their faces.
     It was, in fact, a tremendous challenge for me just to convince the com-
munity that it was worth it and that it (putting out a newspaper) can be done.  Publishing the paper was also hard work because I wrote all the content,
took the pictures and did the typesetting and the lay-out of the newspaper.

     In addition, I also had to fold the newspaper manually in the middle---
from 11" x 17" to 81/2" x 11" then into letter sizes, stamped them indivi-
dually so the newspaper can be mailed at the post office.
     I knew I could do it, but I had no experience in newspaper publishing.
However, what was really encouraging was that there were also a lot of
people who shared my dream---and believed in me---and that in itself was
what truly inspired
me to make sure that L.A. Zamboanga Times will

     Here we are now, 9 years as an online newspaper---and 23 years over-
all as L.A. Zamboanga Times. The rest is history.

LAZT Founder & Editor
L.A. Zamboanga Times observing its 10th year online
   LOS ANGELES --- L.A. Zamboanga Times officially went online
on August 8, 2000. This means we are now starting our 10th
year as a non-profit online newspaper.
   I'd like to personally thank our readers and supporters for with-
out them we would not be out here today. But a bigger thanks
goes to the dozens of individuals who volunteer their time and extra effort to help me put out this publication by regularly sending us their articles and pictures.
    As in the past, we promise to continue informing and serving Zamboan-
gueños around the world.
Lastly, we are inspired once again and even more committed now more than ever to serve our people wherever they may be.
Thank you very much to you all!

Meet the Newlyweds
Steve & Jo Anne (nee Shinn) Rodrick
     Steve Rodrick and Jo Anne Shinn were married July
21in Kona, Big Island, Hawaii. Steve is an immigration lawyer, while Jo Anne, youngest sister of LAZT's John
Boboy Shinn III, is an infusion nurse. They live in Wood-
land, Calif. near Sacramento.
Congratulations to the newlyweds!



Capturing the 'City of Angels' at night with Mannix
I shot this picture on March 1, 2003 with Zamboanga City Vice Mayor Mannix Dalipe,
who was in Los Angeles for a visit. It must have been close to 3 a.m. when Mannix
and I found a good spot on a bridge overlooking the 110 Freeway right in the heart
of downtown. I did not envision this scene when we decided to shoot L.A.'s skyline.
But once we got set up with our tripods and cameras, the postcard-type pic came
to mind. I was using a Canon D60 digital SLR and a Sigma 28mm lens with a 1000 ISO setting, aperture was wide open at f/3.5 and shutter set at 1.5/seconds.

Corazon Aquino Dead at 76  (1933 - 2009)  CLICK HERE

GOLDEN JUBILEE: Calling All Pilar College Class of '59
     The Pilar College High School Class of '59 will be celebrating their Golden
Jubilee with a reunion in Zamboanga City from October 2 to 4. If you belong
to this class, contact: Ciony Cruz at (909) 629-7033 or Olive Sebastian at
(714) 264-7021.

John ('Johnny') Atilano Shinn Jr. Laid to Rest in L.A.

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /    Above photo by KRISTIN RUIZ SHINN / LAZT   
John's wife & children pay final respects to him
John (Johnny) Atilano Shinn Jr. was finally laid to rest Friday morning, July 17, at
the Oakdale Mortuary and Memorial Park in Covina, Calif., about a mile from his home. An estimated 100 family members, relatives and friends attended the fu-
neral services held at the Sacred Heart Church before he was laid to rest at the memorial park. The Shinns of Covina, Calif. would like to thank all of those who supported them with their prayers, masses, flowers, text messages, e-mails and
phone calls. John died in his sleep at his home, July 9 at around 5:30 a.m. at
the age of 76.
ABOVE PHOTO: John's widow Floramay (4th from right) and his seven children,
from left: Kenny, John III (Boboy), Sandy, Jo Anne, Floramay, Jackie, Raffy and Joby---each put a red rose on top of his coffin before it was lowered to the grave.

Photos by JOHN L. SHINN III /
L.A. Zamboangueños mourn death of John A. Shinn Jr.
TOP PHOTO: The family, relatives and friends of John (Johnny) Atilano Shinn Jr. attended the first viewing of his body at the Oakdale Memorial Park & Mortuary
in Glendora, Calif. Wednesday afternoon. Known as "Mañico" to his loved ones, Johnny died in his sleep around 5:30 a.m. July 9 at the age of 76.
MIDDLE PHOTO: John's brothers and sisters, cousins, nephews and nieces view
his remains for the last time, July 16.
ABOVE PHOTO: His widow, Floramay Lasola Shinn, right, is being consoled by her niece, Lynn Shinn-Lucas, as the viewing of his body was opened to the public.
Johnny is the father of John Boboy Shinn III, L.A. Zamboanga Times founder &

John Atilano Shinn Jr.  (76) Sept. 4, 1932 - July 9, 2009
   John Atilano Shinn Jr. --- husband of Floramay Lasola-
Shinn and the father of Boboy (LAZT founder & editor), Kenny, Sandy, Joby, Jackie, Ralph and Jo Anne --- died
in his sleep around 5:30 this morning (July 9) at the
Shinn residence in Covina, Calif. He was 76.
    "Mañico," as he was fondly called by his family and
those close to him, is survived by brothers, Francis, Charles, Joseph, Raymond,Tony and Archie and sisters, Monina and Darlene. Older sister Lilia (baby) Lucas-
Shinn passed away last Feb. 7.
   To the rest of the world he was known only as "Johnny," a name that was popularized after he introduced the game of "billiards" in Zamboanga City
in 1960 at the age of 28. Thus, "Johnny" became synonymous with billiards
in Zamboanga City.
    For more information please call Floramay at (626) 315-1081, Kenny (626) 475-1109 & Boboy (626) 391-4470 or e-mail the Shinn family at: and

A N N O U N C E M E N T :
WHERE:   Oakdale Memorial Park & Mortuary
               1401 S. Grand Avenue, Glendora, CA 91740   
               CLICK HERE FOR MAP

VIEWING:  Wednesday, July 15 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
                Thursday, July 16 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
                NOTE:  On this day, Thursday, a Rosary Prayer, will start at
                7:00  p.m. at the
Oakdale Memorial Park & Mortuary Chapel

Friday, July 17 at 10 a.m. a Mass will be held at the Sacred     
                    Heart Catholic Church located at 360 W. Workman St. Co-
                    vina, CA 91723. After the Mass interment will follow at
                    Oakdale Memorial Park & Mortuary
                    Click here for directions
   The family of John A. Shinn Jr. would like to thank each and everyone of
you who showed us their love and support through flowers, cards, e-mails,
cell phone texts & Facebook messages and those who called us.

Caridad Domingo-Murga  Nov. 16, 1927 - June 29, 2009

   The Matriarch of the Murga Clan in Zamboanga City, Tita Caring Murga, has
passed away June 29 in Zamboanga City at about 4 p.m. She was 82.
    Her daughter Vita and her grandchildren were at her bedside when she died.
Let us all pray that she may rest in peace.
    The Shinns of Covina and West Covina, Calif. extend their deepest condolen-
ces to the Murga Family on the death of Tita Caring...We'll miss you!

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
GISELE BUNDCHEN: The Girl from Ipanema in L.A.

Zambo's street children gambling away their future
Street children gamble Saturday, June 13, 2009, at the back of the Zamboanga City police headquarters. Last year, a street boy, Benjamin Mariga, was found dead in
the remote Abong-Abong area in Zamboanga City. He was stabbed 17 times.


What I got for cutting off an old lady on the freeway

Remember Fr. Bill Kreutz?  Watch his video  CLICK HERE    

2009 NBA World Champions: The Los Angeles Lakers

Photo by NIKKI RUIZ /                           CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER IMAGE       
Fans at victory parade display United Colors of Lakers
The Lakers' fan base looks like a rainbow: black, yellow, brown, red and white. It
only shows that the sports of basketball transcends color lines such as this group
of Lakers fans lining up a street to watch the Lakers on their victory parade, Wed-
nesday, June 17, in Los Angeles.  CLICK HERE


Photo courtesy of ZGHSN Chicago Team
ZGHSN Reunion in Chicago on June 25-29, 2009
The Zamboanga General Hospital School of Nursing (ZGHSN) would like to
announce the coming ZGHSN reunion in Chicago on June 25-29, 2009. The
get-together will be held at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare Hotel. For more in-
formation visit their website at For inquiries call
Amelita Araneta-Daliva at (847) 924-4029; (847) 258-3219 or call Delora
Tanduyan-Candido at (708) 795-6462.


Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
6-time world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao's L.A. digs
Six-time world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines purchased this property
in the upscale Los Angeles neighborhood of Hancock Park last March 18 for $2.17-million.
The 4,500 square foot home was built in 2008 and has 5 bedrooms and 5 baths and a total lot
area of 6,750 square feet. Pacquiao is reportedly shelling out a monthly house payment of about $11,000. The yearly property tax alone costs the Filipino boxer $13,728, according to a popular L.A.-based real estate website. Photos were taken June 11, 2009.

Boboy's Photo Gallery
Zach Quinto and dog Noah walking in Silver Lake, June 13   
Boxer Manny Pacquiao's $2.17-million L.A. home, June 11   CLICK HERE
Liv Tyler, son Milo, 4, attend party in Griffith Park, June 7   CLICK HERE
Liv Tyler, son Milo, 4, attend party in Griffith Park, June 7   CLICK HERE
Kate Walsh of 'Private Practice' gets appraised, May 30   CLICK HERE
Massive 'Iron Man 2' movie set at Sepulveda Dam, L.A., May 23  CLICK HERE
Kate Walsh of 'Private Practice' gets a parking ticket, May 11   CLICK HERE
General view of Liv Tyler's Los Feliz home, April 30   CLICK HERE

Emmanuel ('Elly') dela Cruz, 61

    Emmanuel 'Elly' dela Cruz passed away last June 7, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada
of pancreatic cancer. He was 61. A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, Elly---as
he is fondly called by family and friends---was laid to rest at the Veterans Ceme-
tery last Thursday, June 11.
    During his college days at Ateneo de Zamboanga (AdeZ) in Zamboanga City,
Philippines, Elly played for the school's varsity basketball teamn with the late
Susing Alonzo, Bong Gollena, Rudy Tangco and Rudy Pacheco. He was an accoun-
ting graduate at AdeZ.
    "He has a lot of classmates and friends here in the U.S. and I know L.A. Zam-
boanga Times
will be able to inform them as this site is being visited by not only our fellow Zamboangueños in L.A., but from other states as well," wrote his
sister, Tessie dela Cruz Roxas.
     For more information, please e-mail Tessie:

Hola from Mary Hyedy Vicente Sotto of Mallorca, Spain
    My name is Mary Hyedy Vicente Sotto. I am a Zamboangueña here in Mal-
lorca, Islas Baleares, Spain. 
   I've been trying to get in contact with my former classmates batch 1971-
1972.  I accidentally found the picture of Cynthia Spirig-Hosana's birthday celebration in L.A.
   Cynthia and Jennifer were my classmates since elementary to high school.  Then I went to Ateneo for one semester then we tranfered to Samar. So, I finished my studies at San Carlos University in Cebu. We were not only classmates, we were practically neighbors---since they lived at Gonzales
Drive and we lived at Campaner Street right beside Zamboanga Times.
   My brothers were also Ateneans. You may have heard of the Vicente bro-
thers: Ruben, Michael, Boy and our youngest, Nonong.  I also read your
letter to Ricky Lopez Vito.  His older sister Anne Justine was also my
     I hope you would be able to help me. Gotta end up now. Thank you in
advance and saludos a todos los Zamboangueños y que Dios os vendigan.

Mary Hyedy Vicente Sotto
Mallorca, Islas Baleares, SPAIN

P.S.--- I saw a picture of a Robert Lim on your website.  Is he from the
family who owned Astoria Hotel?  If so, then he was my partner in our
junior and senior prom.  Small world noh?  The wonders of internet.....


Photos by JOHN L. SHINN III /
Manny Pacquiao TKOs UK's Ricky Hatton in 2nd Round
Top photo shows Dad watching the match on pay-per-view. Above, the Shinns of Covina, Calif. cheer as Manny Pacquiao delivered the knock down punch to the jaw of Great Britain's Ricky Hatton during the 2nd round of their scheduled 12-round fight in Las Vegas, Saturday, May 2. WATCH VIDEO OF MANNY'S FIGHT  CLICK HERE


Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
April 18, 2009: Black Eyed Peas' on the set
of 'I Gotta Feeling' music video shoot in Los Angeles

This day was a Saturday and I was supposed to be working on Woody Harrelson who was
filming his new movie, "Zombieland" in an industrial area of downtown Los Angeles. I saw
another group of production people in the vicinity and after asking a few questions I found out
that Black Eyed Peas was shooting a music video nearby. After waiting about half-an-hour, I heard a loud noise of a motorcycle engine revving up. I looked toward the direction of the
engine noise and saw Black Eyed Peas member ride past my car. He then disappea-
red into a make-up trailer. When he came out, he saw there were a group of photographers
out in the streets waiting for him to walk to the set. At this point, instead of walking towards
the music video set, rode his three-wheeled motorcycle and rumbled towards us
and past us. The result is my image above (one of the many I shot) which was published on
page 18 of People magazine's May 4 edition.

Street Car Show in Toluca Lake, Calif.



Photos & caption by SULU PIO
Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan Conferred Doctor of Humanities Degree
   Sulu governor Sakur Tan (4th from left) was conferred with the degree of Doctor of Humani-
ties - Honoris Causa, by the Sulu State College (SSC) at the SSC gym in Jolo, Sulu last Monday, April 13. Gov. Tan becomes the first Sulu governor to be honored by the 37-year old institution.
    In other related news, Philippine agriculture secretary Arthur Yap (inset, top) visited Jolo
to lead the groundbreaking of the Gawad Kalinga housing projects construction at Punay, Panglima Estino during a ceremony last April 13, 2009, at Punay, Panglima Estino.

Another Uneventful Weekend in Los Angeles
   Except for this car fire on the Hollywood Freeway Saturday afternoon, the weekend in Los Angeles went by without any major incident.


Photo courtesy of ZGHSN
Zamboanga General Hospital School of Nursing Reunion
   A Zamboanga General Hospital School Of Nursing (ZGHSN) reunion will take place in Las
Vegas on August 3 and 4. This will be the first time the reunion will be held outside the city of
Zamboanga. Bing and Gertrude Herbano will play hosts to the 40 nurses who have so far committed to attend the reunion. For more information please call Gertrude and Bing Herbano
at telephone no. (702) 354-5572. Video       CLICK HERE

Photo courtesy of ROBERT LIM
Welcome to Los Angeles Robert & Nene Lim of Asiana Arts
Robert Lim (3rd from left) and his wife Nene (2nd from left) have recenty migrated to Los Ange-
les. Robert comes from the Lim clan that owns Asiana Arts in Zamboanga City. They visited
the Shinn residence in Covina, Calif. Also in the picture are: Floramay Lasola Shinn, far left, mother of LAZT founder-editor John (Boboy) Shinn III and Boboy's brother, Joby Shinn, far right. Welcome to Los Angeles, Robert and Nene!

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III / L.A. Zamboanga Times
Hey Billy Ray! Zamboangueñas Love Your 'Achy Breaky Heart'!
Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus takes his dogs for a walk Sunday, March 29, in his Toluca Lake, Calif. neighborhood. I see him walk his dogs several times each week and this day as I was taking his picture I yelled: "Hey Billy Ray! Filipino women love your song "Achy Breaky Heart." 
He then yelled back at me: "Oh yeah? Alright!" Next time I will surely have my picture taken
with him and also let him know that Zamboangueñas in L.A. love his song, too!  CLICK HERE


LAZT Founder & Editor
FEB. 18: Belated Happy Birthday To My Bestfriend Ricky
   LOS ANGELES --- Last Feb. 18, was my bestfriend Ricky Lopez-
Vito's birthday. Ricky passed away in the Philippines on Sept. 15, 2004. Our extraordinary level of friendship made him more than
a brother to me.

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
Rachel Bilson's Engagement Ring: First Look!   CLICK HERE

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt Celebrates her 30th Birthday     CLICK HERE    CLICK HERE
Actress Liv Tyler Goes To The Spa As She Does Once A Week      CLICK HERE
Australian actress Naomi Watts On The Set Of "Mother & Child"     CLICK HERE

OBITUARY   Lilia (Baby) Shinn-Lucas, 78
   LOS ANGELES ---  Lilia Shinn-Lucas, "Baby" as she was more fondly known to her friends and family, passed away Saturday, Feb. 7 of cancer. She was 78.
    She is survived by her children Malou, Lynn, Jong and Joey and their spouses and children. And also brothers and sisters: John, Francis, Monina, Joseph, Charles, Raymond, Tony, Darlene and Archie.   
    Viewing is scheduled at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif. on Tuesday, Feb. 10 from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Novena is at 7 p.m. A second viewing will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 11 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with a Novena Mass at 7 p.m.
Funeral Mass will be held on Thursday, Feb. 12 at 10 a.m. at the Church of Incarnation located at 1001 N. Brand Avenue, Glendale, Calif. 91202.
   Following the Mass, Baby will be laid to rest
at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif.
   For more info contact: Lynn Lucas (818) 439-1955; Jong Aranda (818) 956-9965 and/or Joey Lucas (818) 634-5334.

Shinn-Capili Wedding in Los Angeles, Feb. 7, 2009
Andrew Ruiz Shinn, 3rd from left, the son of Archie and Hilda (nee Ruiz of Laoag City, Ilocos
Norte) Shinn of Burbank, California married Erin Capili Feb. 7 in Los Angeles. From left are Andrew's brothers: Martin, Chris, the groom, parents Hilda and Archie Shinn and older brother Zeller.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE PICTURES 
We will be posting official pictures of the wedding as soon as the site is ready.


Photo (1991)  & caption by JOHN L. SHINN III / LAZT              2009 photos by NIKKI RUIZ
What a big difference 18 years make---in my life as a Dad
LAZT Founder & Editor
     LOS ANGELES --- It was as if only yesterday when I used to cradle these two babies in my tired and weary arms at the end of a long day when they got home from school. I was known
as "Mr. Mom" at Our Lady of Grace, a Catholic school they attended in Encino, Calif. On Tues-
days, I was the school librarian and one day I helped design and conceptualized the school's
first monthly newspaper which they still publish to this day. Now John, 22, and Kristin, 20, are larger than life and just watching them grow up now make me realize how truly blessed I am
[and their mom, Henrietta Ruiz from Laoag City, Ilocos Norte], as parents to these two won-
derful kids.


Photo & caption courtesy of SULU-PIO
Gov. Sakur Tan Launch "Operation Maglanuh" in Sulu
    Due to the pressing concern on solid waste management in the Metro Jolo Indanan Patikul (JIP) area of the province, Sulu Governor Abdusakur M. Tan, together with the Municipal Mayors of Jolo, Hussin Amin; Indanan, Hussin Ahajan; Patikul, Kabir Hayudini; and Major Larry Daley
(CO Task Force Sulu) and MGen Juancho Sabban (Commander of Joint Task Force Comet) had launched the "operation maglanuh" program last Feb. 5, 2009 in an opening ceremony at Capitol Site, Patikul, Sulu.
    While the MetroJIP mayors and the TFComet vehemently pronounced their support to the leadership of the Chief Executive, Gov Tan extended his appreciation also in turn for their
good performance and efforts in helping realize the program on the theme: "Basura Makamula, Maglanuh Magsama-sama, Magad ha dan sin Agama" (Garbage can harm, lets clean together, and follow the path of our faith).
    This is the best way of increasing the awareness and involvement of all sectors of Lupah
Sug in the proper management of our solid waste towards cleanliness and sanitation of our surroundings, Gov. Tan stressed.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER IMAGE

Indonesian Ilham Anas: The Other 'Barack Obama'   CLICK HERE

Democracy Now: i-Witness Video Journalists    CLICK HERE

OBITUARY   Felipe Pioquinto Faustino, 83
    Felipe Pioquinto Faustino died in Tugbungan, Zamboanga City on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 of kidney failure. He was 83.  Mr. Faustino was a retired fireman from the Zamboanga City Fire Department.
    He resided in Long Beach, Calif. and San Rafael, Calif. while living in United States but later returned to his beloved place of birth, Zamboanga City, until
his death. 
    Funeral services will be on February 3, 2009 at Tetuan Church.  He will be laid to rest at the Chinese Cemetery in Tetuan. 
    He is survived by his 4 sons and 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren---all from Zam-
boanga City, and his daughter Esther Faustino Myers from Seattle, Washing-
ton and granddaughter, Jennifer Myers from Boston, Ma.
   In lieu of flowers - - a contribution fund has been set up for the family.  For more information please contact:

Esther F. Myers
12703 117th Ave E.
Puyallup,  Wa. 98374
Cell: (253) 921-4158
Jennifer F. Myers
Cell: (415) 830-7405

PHOTO: Boboy Caught In The Act At Work!       CLICK HERE

Photo by Jim Young / REUTERS
A NEW DAWN FOR AMERICA: Barack Obama is New President
    Barack Obama has been sworn in as the first black president of the United States. He becomes the 44th president after replacing George W Bush.
     Hundreds of thousands of people, bundled up against the cold and in a festive mood,
packed Washington's Mall, which stretches from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial on the Potomac River, and along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House to witness Mr Obama
being sworn in as the 44th US president.
    Mr. Obama, and his wife, Michelle, along with president George W Bush and first lady
Laura Bush, arrived at Capitol Hill after riding in a motorcade from the White House shortly
before 5pm Irish time.
     In his inauguration speech president Obama warned of “gathering clouds and raging
storms” but he also delivered a message of hope.
     The inauguration of Mr Obama (47) the son of a black Kenyan father and a white mother
from Kansas, was full of ceremony, and held much symbolic meaning for African-Americans,
who for generations suffered slavery and then racial segregation that made them second-
class citizens.
    Mr. Obama took the oath of office with his hand on a Bible used by Abraham Lincoln at
his first inauguration in 1861, standing on the western steps of the capitol, a building that
was partly built by black slaves.
    Some estimates put the number of people who packed the Mall and inaugural parade
route at more than 2 million. Crowds clogged the city's metro rail system and thronged the security check-points.  (

Boboy's Celebrity Photos of 2008 at Bauer-Griffin  CLICK HERE
LAZT Reader of the Year Award Goes To...........CLICK HERE

Photo courtesy of TONY & LENI SHINN
Welcome to Los Angeles Cong. Beng Climaco & Greg Alvarez
Zamboanga City Congresswoman Beng Climaco and Greg Alvarez of Palmeras Hotel in Zam-
boanga City are in town for the holidays. They visited Tony and Leni Shinn of Glendale, Calif.
This photo was taken at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. From left: Cora Castano, Greg Alvarez, Leni Shinn, Tony Shinn, Cong. Beng Climaco and Darlene Climaco.

Season's Greetings To All....from Helen Ali     CLICK HERE

Photo & Caption by PETER DIMAGUILA III / LAZT Las Vegas Bureau Chief
A Winter Wonderland in Las Vegas!
Las Vegas Valley residents woke up to a rare treat of snow that made it look like a winter wonderland in the high desert this morning, December 15, 2008. The weather bureau had forecast for up to 1 inch of snow for the entire Las Vegas valley and up to a foot of snow on higher elevations like Mount Charleston and Spring Mountain where you can find the Las
Vegas Ski Resort, a favorite local destination for ski enthusiasts which is only about 35
minutes drive north of the Las Vegas Strip. Although the forecast was for only an inch of
snow, by mid morning, the accumulations on some parts of Las Vegas was already more
than three inches thick that transformed the desert landscape into a Christmas winter won-
derland. This picture was shot in front of our house.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS

Photo by TITONG SAN JUAN / LAZT Managing Editor
Welcome to Los Angeles con el de atun Primo Bong Atilano
Bong Atilano, far right, from the prominent Atilano clan in Zamboanga City is visiting friends
and relatives in Los Angeles. Bong is here to attend the wedding of his daughter Claudine to
Kevin Smoot in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Saturday, Dec. 27. Photo was taken at Sanborn. Welcome to L.A., Primo!

First Fiesta Pilar Celebrations in Las Vegas     CLICK HERE

Photo by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief
Zamboanga City Hall's Colorful Christmas Lights Display
Colorful lights and Christmas display adorn this century-old building, which now serves as the City Hall of Zamboanga City in southern Philippines. The construction of this Hispanic building started in 1905 and was completed in 1907 by the United States government for the American Governors of the area, which included Leonard Wood, Tasker H. Bliss, Ralph W. Hoyt, Charles Hagedorn and Gen. John Pershing. Zamboanga, formerly named Jambangan, was the capital
of the Moro province during the American occupation of the Philippines in the early 19th cen-

There's No Place Like Home Sweet Home Zamboanga

LAZamboangaTimes  Photos
NONITO SHINN: Retiring in Zamboanga 'a dream come true'
Francis 'Nonito' Shinn, who retired from the U.S. Postal Service a few years ago, bought a property in the outskirts of Zamboanga City where he has built a house and cultivates a
farm next to it. Nonito, LAZT's editorial adviser, visits Zamboanga twice a year and says retiring to Zamboanga---after four decades living and working in Los Angeles---has always been his dream since he came to America in the 1970s.  

LAZamboangaTimes  Photo
Rene and Chucky: Experiencing Snow at Spring Mountain
Rene Reyes (left) and his nephew Chucky Reyes Lopez (right) were able to experience for the first time a real snowy wonderland at Spring Mountain near Las Vegas, Nevada during a visit
to Sin City during Thanksgiving. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE OF RENE'S PICS

VICTORIA CALAGUIAN: Filipino Photojournalist

EDITOR'S NOTE: We are revisiting Victoria Calaguian's haunting images of the April 4, 1995 burning of Ipil in the Zamboanga Peninsula in Mindanao which the Philippine military put the blame on an unknown armed group of Filipino Muslim militants called the Abu Sayyaf.
    A month after she documented the carnage in Ipil, Victoria wrote us a short
note: "Here are images of the children I caught with my camera while covering the carnage in Ipil and the military pursuit operations across the Zamboanga Peninsula.
     They [the children's images] haunt me knowing that they are trapped in the midst of a conflict and all I could do was shoot their pictures. But I was hoping that if I can have their innocent faces printed on the newspaper for all to see, we will realize how they suffer and give end to it.
     Now, I'm still waiting for that realization. And until I see them suffering, I'll keep shooting. I wish everyone will know that there is no better teacher [about the horrors of war] than the look in the eyes of these children."


Gen. Ramos: Hitting 2 Birds with 1 Stone
in 1995 Burning and Looting of Ipil
LAZT Founder-Editor
    LOS ANGELES --- I arrived in Zamboanga City from L.A. the
day after the Ipil attack and I was able to interview numerous people, including eyewitnesses and suvivors. Their accounts of the events
that led to the burning and looting of Ipil---all pointed out to what appeared
like a large-scale Philippine military operation.   READ FULL ARTICLE

Chucky R. Lopez: Son of Bobot Lopez & Binky Reyes-Lopez
Welcome to Los Angeles, Chucky Reyes Lopez. Chucky is the son of Bobot Lopez and Binky
Reyes-Lopez of Zamboanga City. He came to visit us a few weeks ago along with his uncles Bobby and Rene Reyes. Just by looking at the picture, we can tell that Chucky acquired his good-looking genes from both his parents.
And how old is Chucky? Somewhere in the mid-20s
daw, according to his Tito Rene.
Here's a warning to all the single ladies out there: Chucky is definitely more handsome in person.

Zamboangueños Who Made History

Photos courtesy of BENITO VIGUERA                  
Pedro 'Jun' Gallego: Boxing Honor & Glory for Zamboanga
LAZT Managing Editor
     LOS ANGELES --- In the field of sports, we have Zamboangueños who have excelled in
their favorite game. In fact, in the 1970s, we saw some of our hometown boxers bring
and glory to our city and country, as well. In Zamboanga City, we were extremely
proud to have the Gallego brothers in the sport of boxing.

    The Gallego brothers, who hailed from Vitali (east of Zamboanga City), were all good
boxers during their time and each of them became champions in different weight divisions. The three brothers, "Flash Gallego," "Little Gallego" and "Jun Gallego" were trained and managed by
the Alavar brothers in Vitali. Flash Gallego was known to  remove his shoes after the 3rd or 4th round, because according to him, he was more comfortable fighting barefooted.
    Pedro "Jun" Gallego, seen in this picture with Benito Viguera and Danny Galvez, is
based in Jersey City, New Jersey with his wife Priscilla (who's from Pampanga)
and their
three lovely daughters. Jun left Zamboanga City in 1973 to pursue his boxing
career in Manila.     

ZAMBOANGA CITY  Asia's Latin City       CLICK HERE
The 'Paracletos' are in the United States to raise money

Photo courtesy of NONIE LEDESMA of Stockton, Calif.
From left to right: Standing:  Monsignor Chito Araneta, V.G., Monsignor Cris Manongas, V.G.
Fr. Larry Gador Sitting: Fr. Rey Francisco
and Fr. Bobby Pimentel.
An Open Letter From 'The Singing Priests of Zamboanga City'
   A group of priests from Zamboanga City more popularly known as the "Para-cletos" are in Los Angeles this week as part of their US tour.
   "This time we are here as official representatives of the Archbishop of Zamboanga, Most Rev. Romulo Valles, D.D. to invite the Zamboanguenos
to the Centennial Celebration of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga in April
10, 2010,"
they wrote in an open letter addressed to Zamboangueños in the U.S.
    This is their second trip to the United States as a group (the first one was
in 2005) and is also meant, according to them, "
to establish contacts with
Zamboanga communities here in the United States and to raise funds for
the hospitalization plan of retired priests in Zamboanga." 

EDITOR'S NOTE:  The 'Paracletos' will perform at the Whitten Community
Center at 900 S. Melrose St., Placentia, Calif. 92870 on Saturday, Nov. 15
at 2:30 pm.
   They will leave L.A. and proceed to Gilroy, Calif. on Sunday, Nov. 16. 
Then they will perform in Modesto, Calif. on Nov. 22. On Friday, Nov. 28,
they will be flying back back to Zamboanga. For more info please contact
Nonie Ledesma at (209) 423-8631.
   Zamboangueños in Southern California can send their monetary donations (check only) to:
       CIONY CRUZ, 955 Los Lagos St. #59, Pomona, Calif. 91766
Please make your checks payable to: "ZHCSC." In the memo of your check, please do not forget to write "PARACLETOS." Your donation is tax-deductible. Files
  * Boboy's close encounter with Miley Cyrus   CLICK HERE    or    CLICK HERE

Zamboangueños in Las Vegas  

LAZamboangaTimes  Photo
LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Arnold Atilano, Menchit Saavedra, Joby Shinn, Chato Onrubia,
Rudy Gillermo, Sonny Miquel, Arnold dela Torre, Bing Herbano,Tirso Cudia, Ely Cruz, Tess
Roxas, Kenny Lim.
LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Mrs. Cruz, Ruth Camins, Alice Alavar-Gillermo, Aiza Gillermo, Judy Herbano, Peter Dimaguila III, Jun Saavedra, Badidi Saavedra, Mila de la Torre, Jackie Arane-
ta, Lilian de Leon, Karina de Leon, Lala Matias Cudia with son, Irene Matias Nuñez. LAZT foun-
der and editor John (Boboy) Shinn III is seated at foreground, center.
First Fiesta Pilar Celebrations in Las Vegas
   The Orgullosos Zamboangueños de Las Vegas, headed by it's founding pre-
sident Peter Dimaguila III, (seated, center #1), celebrated the organization's
first Fiesta Pilar in Las Vegas last Saturday, Oct. 11.
   LAZT founder and editor John (Boboy) Shinn III, (seated, foreground #4), attended the historic event which was held at the residence of Jun and Badidi Saavedra (seated, center #2 and #3) at Southern Highlands, Las Vegas.
   We will be posting more pics and videos of the party soon.     

LAZT Reader of the Week:  Rene Reyes     CLICK HERE

Calling Zamboangueños in British Columbia & Beyond
     We will have a Fiesta Pilar Celebration on Sunday October 12 at the Fleet-
wood Center in Surrey, British Columbia.  For more details please contact Barb or Noemi Rodriguez at:

2007 Fiesta Pilar Celebration in Los Angeles

John Buenaventura, left, and Rocky Enciso, LAZT assistant editor, right, help carry the statue of the Nuestra Señora del Pilar during the Fiesta Pilar celebra-
tions in Los Angeles last year. This year celebrations will be held at the same location:
Our Lady of Pillar Church located at 1622 W. 6th Street, Santa Ana,
CA 92703 Tel: (714) 543-1700.    CLICK HERE FOR MAP

They're the best Zamboangueño band!     CLICK HERE

They're better than the Spice Girls     CLICK HERE Files
  * Boboy's close encounter with Hollywood actress Selma Blair   CLICK HERE

Zamboangueños in Florida

Photo by CHITO IGNACIO / LAZT Florida Bureau
Zamboangueños de Florida Association
    The Zamboangueños de Florida Association is inviting everyone to join us
for a potluck picnic to celebrate Fiesta Pilar on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2008 at the Shadow Bay Park, Orlando, Florida. The association was founded on October 2003 by Louie Perez, (2nd from left, front row), LAZT Florida Bureau Chief
and Chito Ignacio, LAZT Florida Deputy Bureau Chief. For more info visit their site by clicking HERE.

From left: Dioscoro "Duke" Blanco, Chito Ignacio and Louie Perez. Photo was taken Dec. 22,
2007 during the group's Christmas party held at the Florida Mall Hotel in Orlando.

Zamboangueños in Las Vegas  

From, left to right: Marilyn Bucoy, Gina Alonso (visiting from Houston with husband Chito), Eleanor Basilio, Rudy Saavedra, Alice Alavar, Menchit Saavedra, Jun Saavedra and Badidi Saavedra, standing.

Photos and caption by PETER DIMAGUILA III / LAZT Las Vegas Bureau Chief         
Standing, left to right: Jayton Bucoy, Jun Saavedra, Chito Alonso, Peter Dimaguila III (LAZT
Las Vegas Bureau Chief), Monching Basilio and Rudy Saavedra. Seated, left to right: Gina
Alonso, Lilian De Leon, Marilyn Bucoy, Badidi Savedra, Eleanor Basilio, Cherie Dimaguila,
Alice Alavar, Ruthie Saavedra, Paulina Dimaguila and Menchit Saavedra, who is visiting
from Zamboanga.
Orgullosos Zamboangueños de Las Vegas
    ORGULLOSOS ZAMBOANGUEÑOS de LAS VEGAS (OZLV) held a meeting last Saturday, Sept. 20, to discuss and plan it's first annual Fiesta Pilar celebration. The Las Vegas Fiesta Pilar celebration will be held on Saturday, Oct 11, at
11:00 a.m. at the residence of Jun and Badidi Saavedra at Southern Highlands. 
    Everyone is invited, especially Zamboangueños in Las Vegas.
For more info contact Jun Saavedra at 702-896-0588 or visit the OZLV forum -

Date:  Sat, Aug 9, 2008

'No To Bangsamoro Homeland' Online Signature Drive  
    Please help us voice out our sentiments as some of us could not be there to support Zamboanga City in this times of great trials. May God always show
favor on Zamboanga City's leaders as they fight for freedom. 
     To sign the petition and get your opinion counted, click on the link below:

OBITUARY     Alfredo 'Freddie' Eustaquio, 50
    Alfredo "Freddie" Eustaquio passed away Friday, Sept. 19, 2008 @ the age
of 50, in Zamboanga City, Philippines.
    He is survived by his wife Annilu, daughter Aline and son Aldie. Interment
will be at Forest Lake and will be announced later. The body lies in state at St. Peter's Chapel in Zamboanga City.
    Let us remember Freddie in our daily prayers. May his soul rest in peace!

Photo and caption by AL JACINTO / LAZT Zamboanga Bureau Chief         
US Military C17 Plane Takes Off in Zamboanga City
Three men walk past a security perimeter as a US military Boeing C17 cargo and troop trans-
port plane takes off Friday, September 19, 2008 from the dilapidated runway of the Zamboanga City International Airport in the southern Philippines. Hundreds of US troops are deployed in
areas in the Sulu Archipelago and Mindanao Island, where the Philippine military is battling Muslim and communist insurgencies. American troops are involved in humanitarian missions
in those areas, but at the same time training local soldiers and assisting and advising Filipino forces in fighting terrorism.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW LARGER PICTURE

WANTED: Chabacano and Tausug Speakers
    Reviewers must have excellent listening skills and a broad vocabulary in their native language and be able to write in English at level 3.  Ideally, reviewers should be very well educated, with a Master's degree or doctorate, since some
of the listening texts deal with political issues, philosophy, religion, etc.
    All reviewers will have to be tested by the DLI in their native language to demonstrate their comprehension of that language and their ability to write in English.  After the DLI tests them, we will send them to Monterey CA for 2.5
days of training in the listening scale, the test specs, and their responsibilities as a reviewer of test items.
   We need three reviewers for each language. It would be nice if some or most of the reviewers were from California, since it will be easy for them to get to Monterey.  There are direct flights there from LA, San Francisco, and Sacra-
    We will pay the reviewers for their time, both in training and in reviewing items. I can discuss that with you later.  We will also cover their travel ex-
penses.  We are also willing to bring people from Hawaii or from the East
Coast of the US to Monterey.
    It would be good for people interested to send me a brief resume to my
email address, But for now, it's ok if they can just email me and give me their contact number.
    I should emphasize that this is home-based task, entirely part time and
 should not conflict with anyone's full time job.
    Thank you very much for giving me your time.

Best regards,
Elpidio 'Elpie' S. Bajao
497 Dansel St.
Kent, Ohio 44240
Res. 1-330-677-1649
Mobile: 1-330-687-8814

Who's in L.A.

Photo by BOBOY SHINN / LAZT     
Welcome to Los Angeles, Rene Reyes
Welcome to Los Angeles, Rene Reyes (2nd from left). Rene and brother Bobby Reyes (2nd from
right) visited the Shinn residence in Covina, Calif., Sunday, Sept. 14. From left: Kenny Shinn, Rene, Bobby and Ralph Shinn. Also in town is Bobot Lopez and wife Binky.

    Forbes Magazine lists the Philippines' 40 Richest People   CLICK HERE

OBITUARY     Rafael 'Paely' Atilano, 57
    Rafael 'Paely' Atilano of Canelar, Zamboanga City, passed away Saturday,
Aug. 23. He was 57. He is survived by his wife, Nonette Sargento Atilano
and their children.
    Let us include Paely in our nightly prayers. May his soul rest in peace!

Photo by JOHN L. SHINN III /
A Good Samaritan Rescues A Scared 150-Pound Dog
This 150-pound dog was found wandering on a street. A Good Samaritan took
him to the L.A. County dog pound where he will be housed until his owner can
be contacted to claim him back.

Top Fighting Cock Breeder in the Philippines   CLICK HERE

The cast of popular TV series 'Grey's Anatomy'   CLICK HERE
CLASS REUNIONS: Calling All AdezU HS Class of '57
   The Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School Class of '57 will be this year's Golden Jubilarians. The class will have a grand reunion at the AdeZU campus in Zamboanga City on December 7, 8 and 9.
   This year's jubilarians include: Francis (Nonito) Shinn, Dr. Alfonso Wong, Or-
lando Dalipe, James Maletsky, Antonio Pardo, Jr., Vicente Tadeo, Chaoring Feliciano, Ben Bernardo, and Denny Shinn.
   For more info contact  Nonito Shinn at

Photos and caption by MANNY ORTEGA / LAZT Chief Photographer
RP Beats Mexico to win Boxing World Cup
   Members of the Philippine boxing team show off the Boxing World Cup Trophy they won after scoring five wins against Team Mexico last Aug. 11 at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif. The trophy was presented by Golden Boy Promotion's Oscar d la Hoya. Inset photo shows Gerry Penalosa of the Philippine Team after knocking out defending champion Jhonny Gonzales of Mexico in the 7th round to become the newly crowned WBO Bantamweight Champion

Sneak Preview of    CLICK HERE
Read Titong San Juan's Balagunero column    CLICK HERE

Three beauties in a row...only at Sanborn...
   We met this three beautiful ladies at the street fair near Sunset and San-
born one night recently. This goes to show that beauty and Corona beer do mix well during good times. Watch out for them to be in our Eye Catcher section
next week. 

Zamboangueños Who Made History

Photo & caption by HADER GLANG /
Film Director Sean Lim Lim: Zamboanga City's Pride
    Sean Lim Lim, a 23-year old film director of the independent sci-fi movie called "Xenoa," poses with his movie poster during a press conference August
21, 2007 at Victory Studio along Climaco Avenue in downtown Zamboanga City.
   For the information of Zamboangueños, Sean comes from Lim Shi Clan. He
is the nephew of Rikki Lim, who manages Victory Studio along Climaco Ave.,
this city. His father, Robert Lim, is one of the stockholders of the Teen Squad, Bench and Extreme.
   He finished his high school education at Zamboanga Chong Hua and took
his multi-media arts from De La Salle - College of St. Benilde. He is presently
an instructor of multimedia arts at the Asia Pacific College in Manila.
   Aside from directing, he is also a singer, commercial model together with
Mayor Celso Lobregat's son Marco in one national television advertisement.

Zamboanga City History

Photos by HADER GLANG /
Early skeletals remains unearthed in Zamboanga City
Article & All Photos
by Hader Glang

LAZT Zamboanga Deputy Bureau Chief

   What will these bones tell us? This question was raised by members of the Independent Press of Zamboanga (IPZ) led by its founding father Prof. Clem
Bascar who visited a site of a marine aquarium project at the Zamboanga City State College of Marine Sciences and Technology, where some 50 early human skeletal remains have been dug up by construction workers.
   Professor Florinda Garcia said: "Based on initial observations, the skeletal remains are probably of American and Filipino soldiers, but we would still need experts to analyze and identify the remains."
  Observers say it is quite likely that the remains were soldiers killed during the Spanish war because the location is near a site, which was once part of a stone fort, now Fort Pilar, built by Spaniards in 1635 as a military defense structure against the Moros and pirates.   FULL STORY & MORE PICTURES CLICK HERE

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